Backless Bra For Your 5 Favorite Dresses

NuBra Backless bra

Most of my summers I spend in California and wear loads of backless dresses and tops. I especially adore my pitch black low-cut open back dress that fits my body perfectly and looks even more subtly seductive with glaring diamond earrings I wear on my most anticipated occasions. Thankfully my backless bra gives the necessary support and stays unnoticed by others’ eyes. To those yet not familiar with commotion that comes when you are looking for that perfect bra that suits your backless dress it might not seem like a big deal but trust me, you do not want to realize that you have no bra to wear when it is 2 hours until the party. Weather its your favorite halter dress or just a daily strapless top, I have selected my favorite choices for most occasions, so even if you still might need slight individual adjustments, these tips will cover most of the trouble of choosing the correct bra for this weekend.

Let’s find out what a backless bra actually is

Backless bras

A backless bra is considered a bra without band on the back or having it low so that it’s not visible when wearing backless clothing. In other words — it’s a bra for a backless dress or a top. These bras use a band wrapping around your stomach while chest is provided with a support and that is just what we are looking for when wearing clothes that expose our back. Nevertheless  it will fit just like any other bra.

When considering a backless bra with large size breasts the biggest problem is usually a lack of support. So while wearing any conventional bra it is no secret that all the support actually comes from the band and same thing applies to any backless bra, that’s why in case of double D’s I suggest backless bra converters that I will talk about later on. While it may seem counter intuitive and for normal bras wider band always means better support because – physics, with bra converters it is a whole different story, it doesn’t matter at all. When bra is converted to a backless bra using the straps, the force distribution that comes from all the heavy weight of breasts gets distributed more evenly throughout whole back providing both better support and more comfort, while allowing the option to wear pretty much any backless dress you desire, and this means you can even wear super cute and lace lingerie bras with no complications. That’s why I just love converter straps.

6 Backless bra types

You most likely have lots of different clothes and each of them need a specific bra for the right fit, so let’s look at some options for the occasions when combining bra becomes a pain. Since nobody likes bulging straps and bands, especially when you wear a dress that reveals a great deal of your body.


1. Adhesive Bra (Stick-on bra)

Adhesive bra and Backless top

NuBra Airy Bra


Most commonly a simple silicone type bra though sometimes textured as foam, and even like a normal fabric. Since silicone will be the most common one it will also come with all the necessary accessories like extenders and extra straps, so this is probably most flexible bra option when you decide to wear backless dress. One single bra can also fit multiple sizes.


2. Plunge Bra
Plunge bra and V neck dress

The Natural Plunge Bra


Plunge bra is bra with a deep cut “V” in the center of it, with angled sides and padding at the bottom of a cup. Main purpose is not to increase the size but to push up your bust so that it reveals most cleavage as possible. Best use it for plunge dresses or ones that have really deep cut in the front.


3. Strapless Bra
Strapless bra for strapless dress

La Perla Invisible Strapless Convertible Bra


Strapless bras are convertible and are ideal fit for petite and slim body type and are most appropriate for clothing that reveals your shoulders. Also keep in mind that strapless bra only has one band that supports it so make sure you pick wisely when trying on your bra, making it too lose you will be stuck readjusting it and too tight will become uncomfortable quickly.


4. Nipple Covers
Pasties and Backless dress

Reusable Silicone Nipple Cover Pasties


Designed to hold each breast individually for those very complex dresses. They will fit any size and cover only nipples. Excellent for situations when no other bra can be small enough.   You can also wear nipple covers under thin bras in case you need some more coverage. Most of nipple covers doesn’t require any oil or powder to stick it on, you have to hold them for few seconds and once they reach body temperature they are ready to stick on.


5. Halter Bra
Halter bra and Halter dress

Les Coquines Anastasia Halter Bra


Halter style bras are the most contrary of all backless bra types, since you will likely need this bra if you decide to go very classic with some retro style dress. It also come as a convertible in most cases just if you happened to have old school dress with some unique variation to adjust. It offers significantly large area of back to be exposed with only little neck are to be strapped on.
Although this is not considered a bra, let me include one more item on this list…


6. Backless Bra Converter

Backless bra coverter

Low Back Bra Converter


As you look for the right bra you will notice plenty of different types. Varying in shapes and structures but regardless of that there is a fine solution, a generic low back bra converter, that in order to achieve desired result extends the straps allowing to apply the bra without revealing it across your upper back.

How to wear it?

Backless dresses and tops aren’t for toned backs only, they look very elegant on almost every back, and can easily be worn to different occasions. Just make sure your bra matches your dress and you feel comfortable. For informal occasions and nightclubs, a low cut backless dress with a very low, open back is a perfect choice. For more formal events, you’ll find longer length backless dresses. Several of these outfits additionally have long sleeves which makes it a bit old-fashioned, but the backless design includes a hint of an appealing look.

backless bra

Keep the balance between what’s hidden and what’s out in the open, so have your front classy and covered up. Avoid necklaces and massive earrings, they won’t look good. When having a casual day in downtown wear neutral shoes and small purse, for the best look have some embellishment, to compensate the lack of bling.


When all else fails, taping can come as an emergency backup solution. It is simple yet effective though very temporary option for a backless bra substitute. I will list some tips and practical application on how to get it done. I have done taping three times in my bra wearing journey and every time it saved me from a disaster.

There are multiple reasons for why you would want to tape your breasts so I will list most common ones:

  1. Lifting breasts to reduce movement, it is very common for active event such as if you are dancing or involving in some sport activities.
  2. In conditions when you can not wear a bra or you are wearing very thin, transparent clothing that would not allow for a bra under it.
  3. To increase a cleavage in cases you need to emphasize it in case of a special date or even when you are wearing a themed costume.

When choosing the tape I would recommend only 3 viable options. Best one is definitely surgical tape on condition that it is flexible and allows for skin to retain its natural fluidity. Sports strapping tape works just as good, in fact even better if you have larger breasts since it is a little more solid but still flexible enough to not restrict skin from oxygen and blood flow (to buy click on a link here). Very least one is a conventional duct tape and it will probably be the longest lasting choice but be careful when applying it too tight as you may induce swelling and harm your skin, also be cautious when removing the tape as may hurt or even cause bleeding to your skin.

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