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Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

There is no limit for ideas and inspirations.  Wearing and combining outfits is a vast space for discovery. And here we are going to focus specifically on those always-in-style leather jackets. I will share few tips and tricks to let you get the most out of wearing your favorite leather staples and look astonishing. One of the most important things is to use the right combination for the right occasion and definitely have some sense of aesthetics when picking each individual piece.


Casual leather jacket

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Red Leather Jacket

Since I bought my Saint Laurent classic motorcycle leather jacket I cannot imagine a single weekend without it. Red, lavishly enchanted and pristine. Regardless of what I wear – trendy ripped jeans, summery cocktail dress, white blouse or hitting the streets in Converse sneakers – my jacket is always with me.

While trying to figure out my outfit for today I sometimes tell myself: “Sorry, my lovely jacket – not this time.  I’m giving you the day-off. There is something else for me hanging in the closet.” But NO! No matter how many blazers, cardigans or denim jackets I try out, before I close my apartment’s door I almost always grab my most trusted friend – same old leather jacket.

Undoubtedly it is my favorite piece of clothing. Biker or bomber, suede or nubuck, brown, black or red leather jacket – however you style it, it remains a cool classic suited for almost every occasion.


Marc Jacobs Leather Biker Jacket

MARC JACOBS red leather biker jacket

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