Leather Jacket Outfit Ideas

There is no limit for ideas and inspirations.  Wearing and combining outfits is a vast space for discovery. And here we are going to focus specifically on those always-in-style leather jackets. I will share few tips and tricks to let you get the most out of wearing your favorite leather staples and look astonishing. One of the most important things is to use the right combination for the right occasion and definitely have some sense of aesthetics when picking each individual piece.


Casual leather jacket

At the end of the week you definitely can go with your most favorite and beloved coat. In my case the jacket is slightly bulkier for that extra comfort and feel-free sensation and it looks superb with the classic style pants.


Date leather jacket


Going on a first date wearing leather jacket subliminally winks to your partner that you’re confident and relaxed. Go with a style that is non aggressive yet a little feeble while staying solid. I suggest you choose the outfit that matches your figure the best. In other words don’t go for a jacket that can appear to be too large.

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Brunch leather jacket


Early noon is a nice time for wearing some colorful accents. Combine your biker style leather jacket with a punch of some color touch and tiny accessory and you’re good to go. You can be creative and even pick something out of box.


Office leather jacket


Think twice before you choose your leather jacket as a part of your office outfit. It might not be the best idea although straight forward classic look is something you can utilize on pretty much any occasion and you can definitely achieve it by wearing well designed lightweight leather jacket.

Outdoor / Biker

Biker leather jacket


Put on your jeans and comfiest boots you have, and top it of with your most rugged leather jacket. Not much necessary to feel comfortable while looking excellent.

Few Extra Tips

  1. Always look for high quality leather. I know it’s not cheap but remember your jacket has no expiration date and it will get better over time.
  2. Play around with materials and fabrics. Possibilities are almost endless since leather goes well with many styles, you can go as far as combining it with a silky dress or chiffon shirts. Full body leather is not suggested since it would scream that you have no taste unless it is for a specific event.
  3. Try choosing more colors. It is no longer just about black or brown jackets. Ever thought about red? Read more about red colored leather jackets here.


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