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Backless Bra Guide

Backless Bra Cover

You probably have stumbled upon a backless bra when digging through countless lingerie items out there. So why is it even a thing and is becoming so popular? Backless bras probably exist in their own world separated from regular bras as there are plethora styles and types designed for a variety of different situations. It is an exceptional piece of lingerie without a doubt and can be a lifesaver. When going out to a special event it often requires an outfit that is either more revealing or is just too delicate to be worn with conventional bra. This is where backless bras shine. Having revealed back adds enormous effect on the overall appearance and often is a matter between exceptional taste and a total wreckage. Read More →

The Best Posture Bra And Back Pain Relief

best posture bra cover
Posture bras are designed to help you fix or adjust your posture or simply let you get the feel of it. They hold your upper back in a more correct position. Posture bras are different from regular bras by the structure that is foremost focused on the stability and good fit rather than appearance. That said I will guide you through on how to choose the best posture bra for you. Read More →

Top 7 Best Strapless Bras That Stay Up

It has always been a challenge to find a strapless bra that stays up. Since these are by far the most controversial of all bras out there some ladies hate them with passion while some couldn’t image their lives without them. By reading all the reviews and buying bras one by one I have come up with the list of best strapless bras for every size.

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13 Vintage-Themed Lingerie Shops

Dottie’s Delights

Dotties Delights

The designer and founder of “Dotties’s Delights” named the company in honor of her grandmother. Well known for producing lingerie even for extra large sizes. Read More →

The Best Sports Bras for Every Size

Sports Bra For Every Size

If you still don’t have a sports bra in your wardrobe you need to make some changes. Any sport activity requires extra support to help preventing injuries and providing more comfort. Conventional bras or lingerie won’t be a substitute for a good, well fitted sports bra. There are multiple types of sports bras designed for different intensity and purpose.

I will explore the types of bras as well as the correct application depending on your size and activity. Generally there are 3 major types of sports bras, each with a different purpose and design.

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Backless Bra For Wedding Dress

backless bra for wedding dress

Whenever the wedding is near it is always crucial to go for the right dress and bridal undergarments. First advice – don’t rush shopping for it as soon as you get proposed. I know it’s tempting but first take a few steps of preparation before taking a trip of shopping spree. Take in consideration what body type you have as well as what color fits you best.

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How Lingerie Has Shrunk Over The Past 100 Years

How Lingerie Has Shrunk Over The Past 100 Years

Looking at past 100 years of Lingerie’s history is quite a journey, the evolution is evident by observing just how much it has transformed over the century. In the long road lingerie has conquered its way into mainstream fashion and has a huge following among women all over the world. Modes’s new video compiles its metamorphosis through the decades even its wildest peak in the 60’s. Quite interesting lies the fact that a lot of pieces worn today hold vast similarity to old schools apparels. So here is a tip – no matter what’s the lingerie you have on, confidence is what makes a woman.

La Perla SS15 Behind The Scenes

 La Perla SS15 Behind The Scenes

La Perla

La Perla SS15

La Perla, one of Italy’s finest Lingerie brands up to date. Over half a century these guys have been delivering pieces of underwear that left both ladies and gentlemen in awe. Starting out just as a swimwear manufacturer the evolution has gone a long way. Now offering greatest goods in over 150 boutique stores all over the world including London Sloane street, New York Madison and Milan Via Montenapoleone.

Making a huge breakthrough by introducing a new concept in 2014 in London, Milan and Hong Kong – the menswear fashion show at Pitti Uomo and becoming a part of Pacific Global Management group in 2013. La Perla is a fashion universe giant.

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Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur Soirée CollectionMost certainly one of the biggest names in the lingerie business, Agent Provocateur is a proud British company founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees. Expanded throughout 13 countries and holding 30 stores definitely shows Agent’s success and glory. Agent’s style stands as a perfect balance between playfulness and provocation, so if you’re looking for beautifully crafted lingerie Agent is the way to go. Inspired by Hollywood substructure this beautiful lingerie fits in pretty much every occasion. Without a doubt, Soirée collection is one you should take a look at as it is one of Agent’s most iconic pieces with it’s luxurious fabrics, and handcrafted embellishments.

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