Adhesive or sticky bras have been in the spotlight for a while due to popularity of various revealing apparel designs. Questions like “Is she even wearing anything beneath that backless dress?” tend to be silently discussed behind others’ backs. Going braless not always seems like the best idea but matching you regular bra to challenging outfits can turn into mission impossible. For this reason creative bra designs have been hanging in lingerie stores for decades. Unfortunately only few of them actually work. Especially the ones that have no proper straps or bands to give you the necessary support. Based on buyer reviews and my personal experience here is the list of best adhesive bras you can buy online...

Best adhesive bras

1. Instagram’s Famous Magic Bra

Magic bra

Recently this bra has been blowing up on Instagram and there are two reasons for it:

  1. It stays up
  2. It pushes up

Countless positive reviews prove that it actually works. Apart from couple buyers complaining about wrong sizing (some say cups are too small for their size) this bra does its job magically well! You can’t expect the same support you get from a regular bra, but considering the absence of straps it still provides considerable support for your breasts.

I definitely don’t recommend wearing it in hot weather though. It will cause your breasts to sweat and sticky film won’t work as well as it should.

2. The Best Rated Adhesive Bra – NuBra

If I had to pick the best adhesive bra it would be NuBra. It’s been available for years and if there is a perfect bra for hard-to-wear dresses it’s NuBra. Made of skin-friendly materials it is perfect for wearing day-to-day.

One of the buyers mentioned that she had concerns at first about how well NuBra will stick on her 34DD’s, but after buying it she realized how sticky it is and gives you even a slight lift. By wearing it on numerous and sweaty occasions she had no issues with it. Just read the instructions and you will be surprised how well this thing can hold your twins.

3. Go Simple – Reusable Nipple Cover Pasties

If you have had many unsuccessful attempts of shopping an adhesive bra that will support your breasts – there is a shortcut to this problem. Just buy nipple cover pasties. They do their job great and there is almost no chance that you will experience any issues with this product.

  • Seamless around the edges
  • Comfortable ultra-thin silicone
  • Designed in USA
  • Two sizes
  • Three colors
  • Two version – hypoallergenic adhesive and non-adhesive
  • Washable
  • Reusable

Amazing list of features for such a product for such a low price.