You Need to Know These 6 Bra Hacks

6 bra hacks
I love bras and I love bra hacks. I have collected some of the most helpful tricks I use myself. These are some fun and creative ideas you can apply in less than a minute. I have listed some products for both taking better care of your bra and wearing it.

1. Bra strap clips can replace buying a racer-back bra. Just clip your straps and you got yourself a racer-back bra.

bra clips


2. Use these cases to keep your bras safe when travelling.

cup case

3. Take a shower while wearing your sports bra and hand wash it during the process.

hand wash your bra


4. Bra strap cushions will stop your straps from painfully arousing your skin.

bra strap cushions


5. If your bra band is too tight but you still want to wear it buy a band extender.

bra band extender


6. These mesh laundry bags will help you to wash your underwear safely.

bra wash bag

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Published: September 16, 2016

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