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Agent Provocateur Soirée CollectionMost certainly one of the biggest names in the lingerie business, Agent Provocateur is a proud British company founded in 1994 by Joseph Corré and Serena Rees. Expanded throughout 13 countries and holding 30 stores definitely shows Agent’s success and glory. Agent’s style stands as a perfect balance between playfulness and provocation, so if you’re looking for beautifully crafted lingerie Agent is the way to go. Inspired by Hollywood substructure this beautiful lingerie fits in pretty much every occasion. Without a doubt, Soirée collection is one you should take a look at as it is one of Agent’s most iconic pieces with it’s luxurious fabrics, and handcrafted embellishments.

Recently Agent Provocateur launched a diffusion range L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, found at whole sale stores and official websites aswell as brand new fragrance line.

Newest Provocateur’s collection features 44 year Naomi Campbell as the new face of the company. The astonishing combination of top class supermodel and glorious photographer Ellen Von Unwerth creates simply marvelous collection. Inspired by David Lynch’s Lost Highway collection is both thrilling and vigorously seductive. The vibe of a femme fatale makes Naomi look downright murderous yet puzzling and desirable.

Naomi Campbell Agent Provocateur Evalyne

Overall experience of campaign is both serious and impending, causing thrills and awe. Driving force behind this release Agent Provocateur’s creative director Sharon Shotton, in fact most of the spring/summer production emerged out of her fascination with 60’s female gang pulp novels.

Naomi Campbell Agent Provocateur Karlie

Collection branches in diverse packages. One of them – Evalyne, stunning black lingerie with slight deceptive elements, while beaing slightly revealing still leaving place for imagination. While Karlie is explosive pink-violet mixture with a gracefully feminime touch, bright colors and contrast makes it extremely pleasing to the eye, and impossible to leave unnoticed. Glamourous and sexy.

Agent Provocateur Spring Summer 2015

To see more photos and other sets of Agent Provocateur’s Spring Summer 2015 collection please visit their official website: Agent Provocateur

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Published: January 24, 2015

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