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Backless Bra Cover

You probably have stumbled upon a backless bra when digging through countless lingerie items out there. So why is it even a thing and is becoming so popular? Backless bras probably exist in their own world separated from regular bras as there are plethora styles and types designed for a variety of different situations. It is an exceptional piece of lingerie without a doubt and can be a lifesaver. When going out to a special event it often requires an outfit that is either more revealing or is just too delicate to be worn with conventional bra. This is where backless bras shine. Having revealed back adds enormous effect on the overall appearance and often is a matter between exceptional taste and a total wreckage.

Common uses for backless bras include outfits with open back, and in fact it is mandatory. If you will go out while revealing your back you need a backless bra. But there are multiple variations of styles. That’s why you need to choose the right bra depending on your outfit choice.

Multifunctional Backless Bra

One of my favorites are those low cut backless dresses that can reveal most of the back down to the base of the spine. They are elegant expressive and can attract loads of attention. Which I have to admit I am quite a junkie for. But how do you pick a right bra for it? Quite often a multifunctional bra can be the best choice.

For a low back dress this La Perla Shape-Allure bra will be a perfect match. It’s extremely versatile and you can actually play around with how you want to place your straps so essentially this bra can be worn with most outfits even the most challenging ones.


La Perla Shape Allure

La Perla Shape-Allure Bra

U-Plunge Backless Bra

If your dress has an open back and you need to have your cleavage out in the open, U-plunge bra is a really good option. In this case you are looking for something that will not cover your breasts fully and provide support while leaving you with an open back. Very low cut dress is truly daring so make sure your bra is well adjusted and stays tight. Plunge bras can also be deceiving at first sight so when trying it on you should play around and see how it feels and looks in various positions, it is advised to lean forward and sideways basically going through your flexibility and see if your bra can handle it and doesn’t lose its integrity. It is also good idea to consider how low your cut will be and pick the right bra accordingly, but these plunge bras shown below can be excellent for those backless dresses that have a deep V in the front as well.


Fashion Forms U Plunge bra

Fashion Forms Women’s Backless Strapless U Plunge Bra

Strapless Bra

More often than not strapless bras get confused with backless bras when in reality they are a bit different by design. With strapless bras you focus on revealing primarily your shoulders and just a tiny bit of your upper back. Take a look at this article where it’s perfectly explained how and when to apply the right strapless bra for multiple variations of outfits and breast sizes.

Let’s Push Up Your Twins

Conventional bras have push-up feature and same can be applied to backless bras. There is not as much variety and unfortunately not all sizes can wear it, but if you are D or smaller this multi-way push up plunge bra will work.
Be aware that since the support is no longer distributed from all directions the force from the band pulling toward the anterior section of your torso can strain your neck and if you are going to wear this for an extended period of time you may have a slight neck and shoulder pain at the end of the day. But if it is just a few hour event you will be totally fine.

Intimate Portal Push Up Plunge Bra

Intimate Portal Women’s Essentials Multi-way Push Up Plunge Bra

Expose Your Lingerie

Visible lingerie indeed is this season’s most interesting trend. You simply stop worrying about the straps emerging and sneaking out of your dress. Quite the opposite, beautifully crafted bras almost beg to be left out in the open and that is exactly how you wear them. One brand that comes in mind is “For Love And Lemons”. Combined with the right dresses or tops these bras look astonishing and can be the way to go when you feel like going out with a carefree look that represents chilled and easy going personality while maintaining the elegance and grace.

Strappy Bra

X Skivvies Bordeaux Bralette

Backless Bra Converter

If previously mentioned bras don’t seal the deal, backless bra converters can work as well. Considering the price it’s a quick and easy solution that allows to transform almost any bra into a backless bra.

Bra Converter

Women’s Low Back Bra Converter

Lingerie For The Wedding Dress

Most commonly there are 2 types of wedding dresses – strapless and backless. Depending on how much skin you want to show you will opt for one of those. Obviously strapless dress will be way easier to maintain and prepare for than entirely backless dress so it is a trade off game. For smaller breasts you can be lucky to not go through any struggle finding a good bra because most wedding dresses have a corset wiring that can do well as a support, but for bigger boobs it can be a challenge.

Keep in mind that lingerie for wedding dress should be barely present so basically invisible. Only time it reveals itself is when the night hits. This means you will go for very delicate pieces of lingerie that will stay concealed and won’t take the accent off your dress. It is also wise to consider main priorities of your wedding lingerie. Should you focus on firm hold or rather go for very visually appealing aesthetics for when you hit the sheets. If you prefer the second option your lingerie will be more provocative leaving the support as only a secondary feature. This is much easier for smaller bust of course, that’s why you should be really mindful when having plus size chest.

If you are more concerned about bra performance longline bra can be your savior messiah. Best properties of longline bras are how well they fit for very low cut dresses with a design that fits backless outfits incredibly well. La Perla particularly is famous for its bridal collections:


La Perla Bridal

La Perla Shape-Allure Underwire Bustier

How About Bigger Boobs?

It is no secret that bigger boobs are a blessing and a curse, but let’s not get all gloomy, it surely is more of a blessing than not. But getting that right bra can be serious pain and struggle. I don’t need to tell you that wider band will usually get it done and you can let that band do the work of holding your boobs up because well… physics, more contact area equals more friction to keep your bra stable. But I got some good news when it comes to multi-way bras or bras made backless with converters. Here it matters not. You can have straps any size with ease and converted bras will stay up well because of how they embrace your core. When the straps run around diagonally and connect with that one extra layer they provide enough support even for DD’s.

Backless Dress Street Style


In extreme cases when things have gone deep south hence variety of reasons, maybe you run out of time or in your local establishments you just could not get the best fit or right lingerie, or even because of delayed online order your bra is not here… You will have to DIY your way out and this is where taping can do miracles. I have written a guide on how to do it properly and make the best out of the taping, definitely go read it if you are still not completely sure or have not found the right backless bra.


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