When it comes to choosing the perfect bra, comfort plays a big role. Our wants and needs change with age. Front closure bras are great for numerous reasons - one of them being convenience. They are super easy to use since the clasp is located right between the breasts. These kinds of bras are especially suitable for seniors, as a post-op bra or just for everyday wear.

Why choose a front closure bra?

1. Comfort

One of the most obvious reasons is comfort. With a front closure bra, you don't have to struggle clasping your bra behind your back. No more random stabbing from hooks behind your back. These types of bras offer the right amount of support, have a lifting effect and give a natural look. It's especially good for women who may have mobility issues of any sort and seniors.

2. Silhouette

Since front closure bras have the clasp between the breasts, they make your back look smoother. The hooks are not sticking out or creating bumps as they sometimes do for regular bras. Also front closure bras tend to have a low gore, which makes it perfect for shirts with exposed neckline.

3. Great for bigger breasts

Front closure bras are especially good for those of us who have wide-set breasts. Hook in the middle gives your breast a centered look, because it pushes the breasts together. These types of bras have great support, and are great for working out as well.

How to put it on?

Putting on a front closure bra is different from a regular bra. But don't worry, it's very simple and easy!  Firstly, you have to put your arms through the bra straps. They should be positioned comfortably on your shoulders. Then grab the hook, and fasten it from the bottom. Adjust the bra by leaning forward. Make sure that the bra cups are hugging your breasts comfortably.

How to make sure it's the right fit?

Finding the right size can be a struggle sometimes. Front closure bras are unique in a way that it's not possible to adjust the width of closure. Adjusting width affects the placement of the cups. For this reason, you need to make sure you know your size before purchasing a front closure bra.

1. Adjust the straps

It is possible to adjust bra straps, make them tighter or looser - whichever is necessary. Pay attention to the band, it should not be pushing in a curve; ideally it is sprawled straight across the back. In case the band is not straight, try adjusting the straps again. If the band is cutting in your skin when you lift your arms, then there is a possibility that the straps are too short. In this case, you may need to choose a different size. The straps should not slip down at any point, or pinch into your skin.

2. Place your breasts in the cups

Often we forget this step, but it makes a huge difference. Once you've put on your bra, make sure your breasts are adjusted into the bra cups. To do it right, you need to put your hand in the cup, and lift up your breast to the center of your chest. Then repeat the same motion on the other side. This will create a lifting effect, and make your cleavage look flattering.

3. Make sure the cups are the right size

To make sure that the cups are the right size, bend down. Your breasts should stay in your cups. In case your breasts slip out of your bra, then the cups are too small. If there is a gap between the breast and the cup, then the cups are too big. If your breasts stay in the cups, and there is no gap, then you've chosen the right size.

The best front closure bras

If you're interested in a front closure bra then you should explore all of the different styles. There are many to choose from, and are all suitable for different circumstances. Whether you are looking for a workout bra, post-op bra or just an every day bra - we have it covered!

Comfortable everyday front closure bra

This wireless bra is perfect for everyday wear. It comes in different sizes and colors. The fabric is extra stretchy, and gives a silky smooth fit. We all want to feel comfortable doing our daily tasks. It is possible with this bra since it's not padded and has no underwire. This bra has wide sides, as well as wide straps so it is easy to adjust the fit. It's so comfortable that you can even sleep in it.

Front closure posture bra

This is the top choice if you're looking to improve your posture! The back of this bra has a special design to ensure backing support. It pulls your shoulders backwards to stop you from slouching. It's great for relieving shoulder and neck pain.

Arthritis Bra

This is a must have if you have limited mobility due to arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, torn rotator cuff or other limiting conditions. With this bra you won't have to struggle anymore! It has a very simple yet beautiful design, and is perfect for everyday.

Front closure sports bra

Front closure sports bras are an amazing alternative. They offer a lot of support, and will make sure your breasts are not moving around. It has a zipper in front, and is wire free. It's a staple piece, if you are looking for maximum support.

Post-op bra

Front closure bras are a must-have after surgery. It is designed for ultimate comfort while you recover. This is a great option, since it has a velcro front opening, as well as front attaching straps. It will give you all the support you need with its racerback style.

Front closure wireless push-up bra

Some of us can't say “No” to a good push up bra. This is a great option for those looking for a front closure bra, that's sultry as well as comfortable. With this bra you don't have to worry about an underwire poking into your skin. The cups are thin, yet they offer full support for your breasts. It comes in different colors and is perfect for everyday wear.

Front closure plunge bra

This bra is for you if you're looking for a plunge bra that has a front closure. It has padded cups, traditional back, and is seamless, which makes it perfect for a variety of outfits. This bra has an underwire and gives extra support for plus size ladies.

All things considered

Whether you are looking to improve your posture or have more support for your breasts, we hope you've found your perfect match! At the end of the day, it's all about comfort and feeling good about yourself. We hope that the options we provided to you - do exactly that. Have fun!