Truth is, tight shirts, bodycon dresses, white, light and transparent tops look charming. So it is super important to have the right bra under such clothes. And that is where the T-shirt bra comes to the rescue.

Obviously, by the name of the bra the simplest definition would be: a bra you can wear under a T-shirt.

There are a lot of innovations in the world of bras and, to be honest, beauty takes its toll. However, once it comes to making your body look nice and smooth – a simple t-shirt bra is the key.

A T-shirt bra gives smooth look to the upper body when wearing something tight. But what is special about this bra that differentiates it from a regular bra? It is the seamless cups!

A seamless bra is one that doesn’t have seams running through its cups and the cups are designed for shaping and supporting. Therefore, it blends with your body. The stitching free bra solves many problems: the bra is more long-lasting since there are no stitches that could come out and it either cannot pinch or hurt your body like some bras do.

Another difference between a regular bra and a T-shirt bra is the underwire. The main features are that it is thin and soft and in many occasions lightly padded. The function of it is to support breasts and blend with them.

The straps of a T-shirt bra are small and they must connect to the band and cups as smoothly as possible.

A great thing about T-shirt bras is that they are comfortable and therefore can become your every-day bras. And as they are so popular and functional, there is a wide choice of T-shirt bras. For example, you can choose a bra with or without padding and with or without adjustable straps. Moreover, mostly every brand is selling T-shirt bras making the choice even harder.

I can guarantee that choosing the T-shirt bra as your daily bra is the best choice. It feels comfortable and looks invisible from the outside.

"Drop the label" white t-shirt

How do I keep my bra from showing through my shirt?

Of course, the answer could be this simple – wear a T-shirt bra! But let’s get into more specific details:

  1. Choose the right size! That seems obvious, although many women still struggle with this problem. And this does not apply only to the choice of a T-shirt bra, but any kind of bra.
  2. Coverage. Sometimes it looks like a woman has four boobs instead of two – and that thing is called spillover. It is even worse than the look of a uniboob. If the coverage is too small, the boobs can roll over the edge of the bra. Of course, it can also happen if the size is too small. Believe me, it does not look good under tight shirts! Also, it feels super uncomfortable and can hurt. However, I can assure you that for small-breasted ladies this is not such an issue and they can basically choose all kinds of coverages.
  3. In situations when you want to look as smooth as possible – say NO to lace. I know that laces are elegant and sexy, but they won’t look good under tight, white shirt. If you want to look attractive in tight clothes, better stick to a simple T-shirt bra.

The best T-shirt bras you can buy in 2020

Warner’s This is Not a Bra

The top rated T-shirt bra is Warner’s This is Not a Bra. This is not only number one in my heart, but also the readers of the New York Magazine have voted the bra as “The Most Comfortable Bra”.

One of the reviewers has commented on Amazon: “So comfortable that I forgot I am wearing one” – I guess this explains the name of the bra – this is not a bra.

What are the advantages of the bra?

Full coverage. It is important that boobs don’t bounce out of the bra, especially once wearing a tight shirt. Because, if that happens, it can give the look of four boobs (the spillover) and that’s not what we want, right? Warner’s bra will definitely ensure that boobs stay in the right place.

Warner’s bra contains an encased underwire covered in luxurious satin to prevent dig-in. In other words – it has underwire padding.  It does not dig or poke.

Front side adjustable straps. That kind of straps are not that common, however, it is something to go for! First of all, the metal clip does not pinch in the back as the bra doesn’t have one. Second, it does not show off in the back through the shirt. And it is easier to regulate the straps in the front than in the back where you cannot see what you are doing.

The last thing about the bra – it comes in big sizes. Many women with the cup size D or DD have admitted the Warner’s bra as their favorite one.

Calvin Klein Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra

Hello, Calvin Klein! This bra has been voted “The Best T-shirt Bra” in the poll of the New York Magazine – the same as the Warner’s This Is Not a Bra.

It has everything for total comfort – full coverage, memory foam technology that molds quickly to the shape of the body, creating a personalized lift, soft straps, and comfortable back wings.

The fabric of this Calvin Klein’s T-shirt bra is nylon, which is really soft and makes the perfectly smooth look.

This bra is also loved between all women – both small-breasted and large-breasted. If your cup size is big, but the frame is small or other way around – Calvin Klein’s bra will suit you.

And – it comes in many colors!

Hanes Ultimate Wirefree T-Shirt Bra

The best thing about the Hanes T-shirt bra is that it doesn’t have an underwire, but a band instead, which gives the breasts the perfect support.

The bra also has a perfect padding that ensures that the nipples don’t show through.

This bra is loved by small-breasted ladies due to the fact that the cups are not too close together. Many small-breasted women have a wide space between their girls and therefore sometimes have problems with boobs not keeping in place because of a wrong structure of the bra. To get rid of this, the Hanes bra is just perfect.

Hanes Ultimate Underwire T-Shirt Bra

There is one more Hanes bra I chose for my top of T-shirt bras. This one is very simple and looks like a regular bra.

The padding or the foam is soft so the breasts will feel good. Also, the bra is breathable as well.

The thing which differs in this Hanes bra is the adjustable straps that can be worn over shoulders or in racerback silhouette.

However, according to the comments on Amazon, there can be problems with sizing. On many occasions women are forced to choose a smaller size for the best fit.

Wingslove Everyday Comfort T-Shirt Bra

A cheap and a comfortable push-up bra. But don’t worry, the padding is not too much!

The Wingslove Everyday Comfort looks sexy thanks to the nice lift. If you are looking for comfort combined with beauty – this is it!

Yeah, it is cheap, but some of the reviewers say that this is the most comfortable bra they’ve ever worn!

Wixen Memory Foam T-Shirt Bra

The simple Wixen bra – it is incredibly lightweight which is definitely the best feature for any bra.

The Wixen T-shirt bra is lightly padded, so makes your breasts look sexy and charming.

Another great thing about this bra is the color variety: Black, Blue, Gray, Lake Blue, Rose Red. The Wixen T-shirt bras also have some models with lace. Yes, I did advice before: better say no to lace, but this could be an exception since it does not cover all of the bra – just the side of the cup.

Maidenform Comfort Devotion Demi Bra

Maidenform Women Comfort Devotion bra’s advantages are the super wide back wings, moderate coverage and padding.

Super wide back wings prevent the pain in the back and guarantee a smooth look. Also, it helps with smoothing the back fat.

Moderate coverage makes the look sexier, but in the meantime the boobs stay in the right place all the time.

The padding rather adds extra support than bulk which is great, right?

Natori Bliss Perfection

Natori Women’s Bliss Perfection Contour Underwire T-Shirt Bra ensures full coverage and support. It is just the perfect bra to be worn all day long!

A bit of lace never killed nobody. The lace is just perfect, because it is not placed on the cups, so under a tight shirt the bra still looks smooth. Smooth look from the outside and sexy feeling underneath is the Natori bra’s miracle.

Because of the high quality, it is not a cheap purchase though. However, from reviews it seems that women do not regret buying Natori bra, moreover, for some this is the only bra they have ever worn.

Here’s the selection of the best T-shirt bras that you can purchase. Thanks to the great characteristics of a T-shirt bra, all of the chosen bras will guarantee the smooth look and provide comfort to your breasts. Each one of the selected bras has its features so you can choose the best-suited bra for you! May the T-shirt bra you choose change your life!