Pendulous breasts are extremely common among women and most of the time, they’re not anything to worry about; however, it's really important to find the best bras for your pendulous breasts. First, you need to determine whether or not your breasts are pendulous; if so, there are certain measurements you’ll need to take and specific bras you should look into when shopping. Read on to learn more about some common questions and their answers regarding pendulous breasts!

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What are pendulous breasts?

Pendulous breasts is the medical term for sagging breasts. It can be caused by ageing, pregnancy, weight gain and breast feeding. During puberty, hormone changes cause breast tissue to become more elastic. This means that your breasts may not be as firm as they were before puberty and this could lead to saggy or pendulous breasts. Although it is normal for the breast tissue to become more elastic during puberty, there are certain lifestyle factors which can contribute to them becoming pendulous.

Pendulous breasts may be categorised as either large pendulous breasts or small pendulous breasts depending on the specific characteristics of their shape. A pendulous breast is described as a full, heavy, or hanging breast and is easily recognised by their lack of firmness. They tend to hang low with a natural sag due to gravity and weight.

One way to tell if you have pendulous breasts is if your nipples are pointing downwards when you look down at them. A bra size for someone with pendulous breasts will depend on many factors such as cup size, frame size, age, height, weight, etc., but an average bra size for someone with this type of breast would be between 38-40B.

Causes of pendulous breasts

Pendulous breasts are caused by breast tissue that has migrated to the nipple area. When a woman's breasts sag below her natural breast line and there is not enough natural breast tissue for the weight of the breasts to cause them to return up towards her chest. Breast implants, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and gravity all contribute to the increase of pendulous breasts. It can also be caused by heredity factors or an injury in this area (like mastectomy).


A common cause of pendulous breasts is pregnancy or nursing. Pregnancy can cause bust size to increase as much as two cup sizes. After breastfeeding, some women's breast volume decreases dramatically, but this can take up to 18 months after giving birth. Breastfeeding mothers experience breast ptosis as their milk supply increases and decreases throughout the day, which changes how their breasts feel on a daily basis depending on how much they have been feeding their child recently.

There aren't any natural ways to reverse pendulous breasts from happening. It is typically corrected with surgery.

Best bras for pendulous breasts

The key to finding a great bra for pendulous breasts is finding one that will keep the breasts in place. Bras with thinner straps work well and are often less visible underneath clothing.

Wireless Comfort Bra

This is the perfect everyday bra for the ultimate comfort! The side smoothing panels and the stretchy fabric will adjust to your breast shape. This bra will still give you some lift and support without feeling like it's constricting your movements.

Support Satin Bra

If you're looking for the perfect bra to give your pendulous breasts comfort and support without sacrificing style, this is it! Made of comfortable nylon fabric inside cups for ultimate comfort. This lightweight underwire bra provides side support with lightly padded underwire cups as well as a stretchy back band. It won't slip off even during rigorous exercise. You'll love how beautifully it fits!

Lacy Plunging Underwire Bra

The perfect bra for pendulous breasts! Enjoy elegant lace with a plunging neckline. Features underwire cups made of non-foam fabric that provides extra support without adding bulkiness to your figure. Comfort U design straps that stay in place and adjust easily at the shoulders as well as an embroidered keyhole detail at back.

Compression Wirefree Bra

You'll love this wirefree bra. You can wear it alone, under a sports bra, or any top! It provides the same support as an underwire bra without the discomfort of wires and hooks digging into your skin during exercise.

Lacy Push Up Bra

If you have pendulous breasts, don't shy away from push up bras. This bra will give your breasts a lifting effect. It features a floral lace overlay and foam cups with an underwire bra that provides excellent support and definition. The stretchy soft lace band offers more glamour while being comfortable to want to wear it again and again.

Front Closure Brassiere Sports Bra

We have talked a lot about front closure bras in this blog, because they are perfect for many types of breasts. This bra will keep your pendulous breasts in place and reduce back pain. The racerback support bra is engineered to boost posture and has gentle but firm support made of nylon material.

Taking care of pendulous breasts

bra for pendulous breasts

Even though pendulous breasts are considered as a condition, there are different ways to address this problem. Large pendulous breasts are more than an inconvenience. They can cause painful and debilitating back pain and can even lead to some psychological problems such as negative body image or a feeling of helplessness. But don't let that stop you from making a few lifestyle changes or some small adjustments in your bra wardrobe!

  • First of all, good posture is essential for those with large pendulous breasts. Take time each day to make sure you're sitting up straight and not slouching when you walk. Slouching will only exacerbate the problem.
  • Secondly, never wear bras that are too tight - this will just make the problem worse by putting pressure on the tissue at the bottom of your breast (a common occurrence).
  • Thirdly, learn how to measure your bra size for pendulous breasts so you can find one that properly fits. A woman can have large pendulous breasts but have a different breast volume measurement (BVM) from their band size. This happens when the volume of the breasts exceeds the capacity of her bra size.  A woman with BVM 44E and 34DDD may want to wear a bra with a 36C back because the difference in band and cup size means that the larger cups allow for more breast fullness. Women with pendulous breasts are often in physical pain, feeling discomfort due to bra fit and clothing wear.
  • Fourth, there are a number of options when it comes to breast reduction surgery and the specific procedures that will best suit your individual needs should be discussed with your surgeon during your consultation.

And there you have it!

Hopefully, you learned more about pendulous breasts and found the perfect fit for yourself. Pendulous breasts are caused by number of things, and it's all natural. Embrace yourself, accept and love your body, and you will shine! See you next time, ladies!