Our bodies change with time. If your breasts have changed their form, seem to hang lower than they used to a few years ago, then just know - you are not alone! It's one of many natural experiences that women's bodies go through in their life. Wearing a low cut shirt without the right bra can make anyone feel self-conscious. The right bra can do the trick of lifting your breasts up. If you struggle with finding the right fit for your saggy breasts, we are here to help you!

A tiny disclaimer – even the best bras can’t reverse sagging breasts, but they sure can give them an uplifting appearance. Even more, in this article we will look at methods that can help prevent your breasts from sagging.

Why do breasts get saggy?

A popular misconception people have is that breasts only start to sag when a person is getting older. There are many reasons that can happen, and they don't necessarily have anything to do with age. Of course, age plays a significant role for many women, however, it’s also possible for breasts to sag at a fairly young age. Things like weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics can contribute to changes in our bodies. If you feel like none of these factors describe your situation, then perhaps it's just the natural shape of your breasts.

Saggy breasts can also be caused due to a medical reason, and it has to do with the health of  ligaments and skin surrounding your breasts. Increased weight and larger breast sizes are more vulnerable to the effects of gravity. Gravity pulls the breast tissue downwards and causes ligaments to weaken, and surrounding skin to lose elasticity. In addition, sports can also weaken ligaments and lead to the sagging of your breasts. A contributing factor is the habit of smoking.

What is the best bra style for sagging breasts?

Bras provide the necessary support to your breasts. However, not any bra type will do for saggy breasts. By not choosing a bra that fits you properly, the tissues that hold your breasts up, will start to stretch, break, and lose their elasticity. The only way to fix this is to wear a supportive bra. Again, it won’t fix the sagging, but it will prevent future stretching and give you a more youthful look. That is why it is important to find the right bra style that fits your breasts properly.

Based on the research we've done, there are tips and tricks you should keep in mind when looking for your perfect bra.

  • Try to find a bra that has 3 or more hooks for extra strength.
  • Ideally, the bra you're looking for has extra hooks on both sides - vertically and horizontally. This will come in handy when your bra has stretched a bit, because you will be able to use the other hooks for tighter fix.
  • Avoid single-layer bras with molded cups as these do not provide sufficient support. Molded cup bras are shaped in a specific way, and if your breasts aren’t shaped like that, they’re just not going to fit correctly.
  • Choose soft cup bras with underwires. That will give your breasts full support and coverage. When it comes to saggy breasts, soft cups are easier to fill out.
  • Look for soft cup bras with seams in the cup. This will give you a perfectly shaped and minimised look. In case you’re not a fan of seams showing through your clothes, you can always go with a soft seamless cup bra.

The Best Bra for Sagging Breasts

Chantelle Rive Gauche Full Coverage Unlined Bra

Let’s finally get down to business and look at the best bras for sagging breasts that are currently on the market. This bra is a long-time Chantelle bestseller designed for all-day comfort and support. It lifts your  breasts away from your stomach, so in addition you will look slimmer. The seams across the cups provide great support and lift. The short underwires will make for a comfortable wearing, because they won’t dig into your arms the way some standard wires do.

An added bonus is that it looks elegant, comes in plenty of beautiful colours and lays flat under clothing. Even though this is an unlined bra, the lace is thick enough to conceal any unwanted attention to your nipples. Based on reviews, ladies are crazy for this bra, and to quote one overly satisfied consumer:

“There may be antigravity thingies installed in the cups. I’m not sure, but I have my suspicions.”

So there’s that!  All in all this really seem to be the best bra for sagging breasts. The only con is that they may get a bit pricey, however it is more than worth it in the long haul.

The Best Bra for Large Sagging Breasts

Wacoal Full Figure Basic Beauty Underwire Bra

It sometimes seems that having large breasts is more of a curse than a blessing. Finding a pretty bra is hard enough as it is, add to that a couple of extra bra sizes and it seems nearly impossible. Also if you are well endowed, it is important to wear properly fitted bras to prevent your breasts from sagging. So you see finding the right bra as a big busted woman is a pain in the neck.

Well thankfully, we’ve taken that pain away and found the best bra for heavy sagging breasts. This sleek and seamless bra gives you plenty of lift and smooth support. The slightly stretchy cup allows a natural shape and for the breast to settle in the cup. The straps are not too wide, but are very firm and adjustable. It has a heavy underwire that completely surrounds the breast, leaving no room for your breasts to “sneak out” from the sides. Additionally, this bra completely separates your “girls” for no more uni-boob looks.

The Best Push-Up Bra for Sagging Breasts

Maidenform Love The Lift Push-Up Bra

This Maidenform’s lifting bra for sagging breasts is the best friend you never knew you needed. The ample padding will give you the shape and fullness you have coveted for a long time without making your breasts look pointy or unnatural. It also comes in many different styles and colours and will give your breasts that “va-va-voom” appearance.

Even though this is the best bra for lift, just like any other push-up bra, it may not suite for everyday wear. Although that really depends on each person individually.

Meanwhile, I can say that this is a very well made bra from high quality materials. The fit is super comfortable for a push-up bra and some even say that it’s 10 times better than any Victoria’s Secret bra. All in all, this deserves to be amongst the best bras for sagging breasts, and just like the other bras on this list, it is also mentioned in countless other recommended bra lists.

The Best Front Closure Bra for Saggy Breasts

Fruit of the Loom Women's Front Closure Cotton Bra

Front closure bras offer support like no other. It has no underwire, is made from cotton and for sure will make you feel comfortable all day long. This bra will give you an uplifting look while simultaneously creating a natural looking shape. Since the hooks are in the front, it's super easy to put on. To put it simply - it's just great!

How to measure bra size for sagging breasts?

Choosing the right size is the most important part when looking for a bra. It doesn’t matter if your breasts are sagging or not, this is a crucial step before purchasing a bra. We have listed some tips to help you find the perfect fit.

Tip 1

Insert your fingers under the band of your bra. If you are able to put more than two fingers between the band of your bra and your chest, your bra is too big. Bra band usually provides the majority of the support for your breasts, therefore a band that is too big contributes to sagging your breasts. If you seem to have that issue, choose a bra that has a smaller band size.

Tip 2

To determine your bra size use online resources (usually lingerie websites provide an online calculator to ease your life a bit) or our simple guide – 3 Easy Steps To Measure Bra Size.

Tip 3

If both of these tips still don't seem to help -  you can always get an assistant or a bra-fitting professional to measure you. Keep in mind that even though you think their measurements aren’t accurate, these ladies know what they’re doing. It will also help that they will instantly search for the right bra for you so you can try it on right then and there.

A professional measures around your chest, just under your breasts, making sure the tape measure is snug, but not too tight. The tape measure should go straight across your back and rest flat on your skin. Obtain the most accurate band size by pulling up on your bra straps. That way you pull your breasts high enough for your assistant to get the measuring tape right under your breasts. Add 2 to 3 inches to the measurement, and voila, you should get the most accurate band size.

Prevent your breasts from sagging

As mentioned earlier there is no remedy that can help you fix sagging breasts, however there are plenty of things you can do to prevent them from sagging even more.

  • Exfoliate your skin daily to remove dead skin cells and to improve your skin’s elasticity. Massage wet skin with a body scrub, loofah or exfoliation glove. Do it in clockwise movements for about 5-10 minutes every day. It really is just that easy.
  • Maintain a healthy weight by having a balanced diet and exercising. Gaining and losing weight causes changes in your whole body, including your breasts. Gaining weight makes your breasts become bigger, and for skin to stretch. In contrast, when you lose weight, your skin has already stretched, making your breast saggy.
  • Wear a sports bra when exercising, to reduce the impact of motion. We don’t want to harm our breasts even more whilst trying to do them good, don’t we?!

Healthy lifestyle is the key…

  • Eat plenty of vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Stay away from junk food to maintain your figure.
  • Drink plenty of water as it hydrates your skin.
  • Walking for an hour, or exercising for just 30 minutes every other day helps keep your metabolism up, and your weight steady.
  • Do chest exercises to build and tone your pectoral muscles. Perform push-ups and chest presses with a set of dumbbells daily for an improved look.
  • We’ve all been scolded as a child to pay attention to our postures, and this golden rule really comes back full circle to haunt us as adults. So again – pay attention to your posture. A good posture lifts your breasts up! Make sure your back is straight and your shoulders are leaned back. It may get a bit tiring at first, but after a while it will just become second nature to you.
  • Use sunscreen!!! Overexposure to ultraviolet rays contributes to the loss of elastin and collagen - both keep your skin firm. Slather on a good amount of sunscreen to any exposed areas of your chest the next time you go out, and your skin will thank you.
Sagging breasts solutions

Take care of your lingerie

Preventing breast sagging may seem impossible at times. A healthy lifestyle is the key to everything it seems, including maintaining breasts with youthful appearance.

Of course there still are some things besides healthy lifestyle we should remember. For example, try not to toss your bras in the dryer after washing them because the heat only breaks down the elastic and material. Wear your bras only for nine months, then replace them. Wearing a worn-out bra can lead to saggy breasts. And remember ladies, bras are not the product to get stingy for! Buy a good bra for the price that you would usually spend on a couple terrible ones. Invest in a bra that properly supports your breasts. Happy shopping! :)