We all want to look good in our swimsuits, but we don’t want to feel weighed down or restricted by our clothing. Luckily, you can solve these problems with the right swim bra and bathing suit combination. Above all you want to be supported while you’re splashing around in the ocean or swimming laps at the pool. A swimsuit with built-in support can be just the thing to make you feel confident in your swimwear this season. Check out this guide to get the lowdown on what you need to know about swimming bras and how to find the best one for your needs!

What is a swim bra?

swim bra

Swim bras, also called water bras, are like regular bras but made out of stretchy nylon fabric. Swim bras are specifically designed to cover and protect a woman's breasts while she is in the water or at the beach. The fabric is elastic so it stretches with movement and will not sag into an unflattering position. Swim bra's have wide straps that don't constrict like a regular bra would and they often have padding inside to provide extra coverage.

Swimwear companies have even started making swim tops with built-in bras! There are many benefits of wearing a quality bathing suit, but if there's anything we learned from Baywatch it's that everyone wants to look their most flattering when they're hanging out by the pool or beach.

Do I really need it? Will any type of sports bra do?

A sports bra is not always enough when it comes to providing support during a rigorous workout or sporting event. For these reasons, many women choose to wear a swim bra when they are wearing a bathing suit and want additional coverage. While there are many different types of sports bras on the market, finding one that provides enough support can be challenging. With our detailed guide, we help you find the right fit by evaluating popular styles and features.

The best types of swim bras

When it comes to choosing a swim bra, there are many factors that go into making the perfect one. The two main factors are breast size and body shape. If you have smaller breasts and a fuller chest, then you will want a full-coverage bra that provides adequate coverage while also giving extra support. However, if you have larger breasts and carry most of your weight around your stomach, then it is important to wear a seamless or molded-cup style bra with medium coverage to avoid chafing. If you wear a bathing suit top with no strap support then you may want to buy a built-in strap style swim bra instead of one without any straps because it will hold up better over time.

Built-in Bra Swimsuit

Speedo offers a wide variety of swimsuits for women that are perfect for any activity or occasion. Whether you're looking for a suit to wear during competition, training, water fitness classes or just going on vacation; Speedo has something to fit your needs and budget! This suit features built-in bra cups for maximum support and coverage.

UPF 50+ Swim Bra

Keep yourself comfortable and protected with this Women UPF 50+ Swim Tank Bra. Wear it under your swimsuit to prevent sunburn and keep yourself cool as well as safe from harmful UV rays while playing outside in the summer heat. Whether you're enjoying a day at the beach or lounging by the pool, we've got you covered when it comes to protecting your skin.

Training Bikini Bra

Fashionable swimwear with all the benefits. This double back strap bikini top has been engineered to keep you comfortable and secure no matter what activity-in or out of the water. This Sporty Swim Bikini Top is perfect for any occasion from relaxing poolside to conquering waves!

Swim Push-up Bra

You love the way this bikini top looks and feels. With three ways to wear, classic cross back or halter styles - you'll always be comfortable with cleavage you adore thanks to padded push up cups and underwire support. Bra sized for the perfect fit, you'll always feel supported, secure and confident.

Basic Swim Bra

This is perfect for any activity, whether it's lounging on the beach or swimming laps! These double layered swim bras can be worn solo but they are designed to be perfectly paired with any of our swim shirts or beach cover ups. They're also comfortable enough for everyday wear.

What are some benefits to wearing a proper fitting swim bra?


Swim wear can be a tricky thing to navigate, but wearing a proper fitting bra can make all the difference. Swimwear is typically more revealing than day-to-day outfits, and not having the right type of bra can lead to discomfort and embarrassment. Swimming in a bathing suit can put pressure on your breasts and some types of bathing suits are even more revealing than others. A good swim bra is designed to minimise bounce while preventing chaffing, rash or pinching.

It will provide adequate coverage without restricting your movement and it will also offer necessary breast support. You should also try to find a swim bra that’s comfortable enough so that it doesn’t bother you when diving into water. And most importantly, have fun!

What should I look for in a good quality swim bra?

Some of the most important features to look for in a good quality swim bra are flexibility, style, and fit. You want a bra that is going to be supportive enough without being too tight or uncomfortable. A good quality bra will last longer and hold up better when wet. To ensure that you get a great fitting bra, make sure it is designed specifically for swimming. The amount of coverage also depends on personal preference, some people like more coverage while others prefer less.

For maximum comfort, try to find a style that has a cup size that matches your bra size. The most important factor is finding a style that works with the cut of your swimwear. If it features an open back or low neckline, then go for something with coverage like a soft cup or pullover style.

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