All of us want to feel comfortable and attractive in our own skin. There's nothing wrong with showing an interest in your appearance. Choosing the right bra is one of the keys to looking and feeling great. In this blog article, we will discuss how to find out if you're have DD cup size. We will also talk about how to take care of your breasts, and make a summary of the best bras available for our DD cup ladies.

DD cups are the largest of the normal bra cup sizes, however some manufacturers also offer E cup bras. DD cup measurements are used in the UK, but E cups in the USA. If you’re a DD bra cup size, then you have experienced the problems associated with your bra size. From back and shoulder pain to the inability to wear certain clothing, DD cups are one of the worst bra sizes for women. However, this bra cup size is fairly common for women, so don't worry about not being able to find the perfect bra!

How to know if you are a size DD?

When it comes to pretty much all bra cup sizes one of the biggest problems that women encounter is finding a well fitted bra, that is comfortable and gives enough support. Finding the right fit is especially challenging for large-breasted women. However, these problems pale in comparison to those faced by women with F and G cups.

There are many ways to find out you bra cup size. Today we will tell you about the easiest one. All you need is a measuring tape.

Step 1: Measure your chest size

First, before taking your measurements make sure you're not wearing a push up bra. Wrap the measuring tape around your back, it should be at the same level as your bra band is. You don't want the tape to be digging into your back, nor for it to be too loose. It is recommended to add 2 - 4 inches to your bra band size.

Step 2: Find out your cup size

Take another measurement of your chest by wrapping the measuring tape around your body, but this time over your breasts. You can get your cup size by subtracting your band size from the number you just got.

To find out whether you fit a DD cup, take a look at the table below.

Bust measurement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cup size (US) A B C D DD/E DDD/F DDDD/G H

For example, if your bra band size is 45 and your bust size is 40, then the result you get is 5, which is equivalent to DD.

Step 3: Make sure it's the right fit

Even though nowadays it is easy to find out your bra size without leaving your home, sometimes you just need that extra help. If you're still not sure whether DD bra cup is the one for you, you can always visit a lingerie store. Ask professionals for a helping hand, and try on different types of bras.

Your breasts should fill out the cups, and the hooks should be on the loosest setting. Adjust the straps so that they are not digging into your skin. If you feel comfortable, and your bra fits like a glove, then it's the bra for you!

The best DD cup bras available

There are many different types of bras for different types of breast shapes. Remember to choose the right bra for the right occasion. We have gathered the best reviewed bras for your DD cup size.

Wirefree bralette

Are you always searching for the perfect lingerie that doesn't dig into your skin? This full busted bralette is wire free, featuring a triangle neckline with plunge front detail. This bralette provides fuller coverage than most bralettes on the market today, and is suitable for D/DD cup sizes.

Back Smoothing Strapless bra

Whether you have large breasts or small breasts, there's a strapless bra for you! This product solves all your problems with strapless bras slipping down because it stays in place with 4 way stretch fabric. Strapless bras don't need to be uncomfortable either because these are made out of smooth fabric that feels like silk on your skin. They come in both DD cup size and smaller cup sizes so you'll be sure to find one just right for you!

Everyday Sports bra

This compression wirefree bra is perfect for exercise or for everyday wear. It offers full coverage for DD cup size women who want support throughout their day. This bra comes in 4 different colours, and is a must if you appreciate comfort.

Unpadded Minimizer Lacy bra

Looking for full coverage without padding? Look no further! A smoothing side wing design provides full coverage without sacrificing any modesty. Minimizer bra design to visually reduce bust volume instead of physically suppressing busts to reduce protrusion. Ideal for slimmer and smoother look.

The Perfect T-shirt bra

A T-shirt bra? Yes! Stay-in-place straps? You bet! This full coverage contour bra features two part underwire cups with mesh insets and angled seams for added lift. Inner side support slings lift and shape your bust line all day long so there's no need to worry about embarrassing side bulges when bending over or reaching up high. Adjustable crisscross backstraps make it easy to get just the right amount of stretch without pulling on sensitive skin, plus there's no annoying tugging at necklines like other bras do.

Front Closure bra

A wirefree bra with a comfortable front closure that offers both style and support! It has a stretch satin cup to give you shape and support and plush lining on the hook & eye closure to help you dress with ease. Plus, the bra includes Cushion Comfort Straps to help reduce shoulder pressure.

Taking care of your DD cup size breasts

Bra fitting for DD cups

If you have DD breasts, you know that they come with their own set of challenges. From finding clothes and bras that fit, to dealing with back pain, it can be tough to manage. But don't worry, we're here to help! Here are our top tips for taking care of your DD breasts.

• There are different types of bras for different occasions. If you like to workout, invest in a good sports bra. Wear a sports bra during any activity where you might bounce around a lot (like playing tennis or soccer).

• We can't stress this enough - finding the right fit is the key. Find the right bra for your bust size by making sure the cup is wide enough to cover all of your breast tissue. The straps should also feel comfortable and stay in place.

Make sure the underwire doesn't sit on your ribcage because this can lead to painful chafing. Take off any clasps before putting on a t-shirt or tank top because this type of clothing won't allow the clasp to move freely which will result in more rubbing against your skin.

• Do yourself a favour - invest in two quality brassieres, one strapless bra and one longline bra. These items tend to last longer than other types of bras. Remember you are investing this money in yourself!

There are advantages of having larger breasts

It’s important to remember that while DD bra cup size may be on the larger size, it doesn’t make you any less beautiful than someone who wears a smaller bra size. If you have DD cup breasts, you have everything you need to rock your bra and look gorgeous in it! Here are just some of the things about having DD bra cup size that can enhance your life and help you feel more confident about yourself!

Bigger breasts can be very sexy and confidence-boosting. You'll never have to worry about your girls being too small. You'll also have plenty of support and coverage. Additionally, they can come in handy when you want to fill out a low-cut dress or top. And finally, large breasts tend to be more proportionate on women with larger frames.

At the end of the day

It's all about how you feel in your own skin. Choose the right bra for yourself, and we are sure you're going to rock it. Happy shopping ladies! See you next time!