Welcome to the wonderful new world of bralettes. Well, they’re not exactly new. In fact, they’ve been around since the 1920’s, which was before the birth of wired bra! This begs the question, why have they been so underappreciated all this time? This trendy accessory (now closet necessity) has spent most of its existence outside of the limelight, while the wired bra has taken centre stage all these years.

Now recently making appearances on the biggest trend setting celebs such as the Kardashian/Jenners, the Hadid sisters and countless other red-carpet goers. The bralette is finally taking centre stage.

We’ve done some digging to find out exactly what this new craze is all about, and why this gem has become a closet necessity.

What exactly is a Bralette?

The bralette is essentially your average bra, with the added perk of zero wires or moulded cups (for a little extra freedom). Almost like a decorative sports bra, without the intense tightness to hold you in. The main difference between a bra and a bralette, is that the bralette is free from underwire and padding.

They’ll typically have a lacy or thin strap just like your trusty wired bra, while still providing plenty of support for the smaller to average busted woman. So, there are plenty of bralettes available that’ll work wonders for all sizes.

This type of bralette with extra lace along the bottom is a very universal style. While accentuating the smaller chest, the curvier of ladies are still kept from falling out underneath. Most commonly you’ll find bralettes will be made from a combination of lace, microfibre and/or a cotton blend. Making these gals soft and comfortable with a sexier style.

How do you wear a Bralette?

This really depends on how daring you are with your personal style. You can easily achieve a trendy look with the bralette by exposing it under trendy blazer — or even over the top of a t-shirt! On the other hand, you may be after a more conservative/comfortable approach. In which case, the bralette can still be for you!

As it doesn’t comprise any sort of padding or mould; they can be unpopular among the shy. If your concern is a poking appearance under your shirt — not to worry! You may just need some stick-on nipple covers.

If you don’t happen to have any lying around — it’d be worth forking out a very small amount of dough for a pack. You’ll be surprised how handy they can be, and cheap!

Here’s a link to help you find your very own nipple covers:

This may sound like a hassle, but it may be worth it for the comfort so kindly provided by the bralette.

Bralettes and Large Breasts; Friends or Enemies?

This question seems to come up a lot among the bustier of ladies. As it should.

Most women above a C cup would take one look at the dainty little bra and say “Nope”. The lack of underwire can be an issue in this case, but all hope is not lost. You just need to spend a little more time finding the right fit, and let the elastic support become your new best friend.

We’ve found a very highly recommended bralette for the chestier beauties. Now, your search has reduced to a mere “click”. If this one isn’t for you, don’t worry — there’s plenty more to come!

Will it provide the same amount of support as your padded, wired bra? Not quite. Will you feel braless? Absolutely not!

So, friends or enemies? We think besties!

Do Bralettes Cause Sagging?

Okay, this myth needs to be put to bed. Wearing a wired bra all day and night does NOT prevent sagging. Like all the tissue in your body, your breasts are made up of collagen and elastin, which naturally breaks down as you age.

Sorry ladies, but no garment will stop this natural process! In fact, an overly supportive bra can increase the likelihood of sagging as they may weaken the supportive tissue!

So, in the case of “bralettes vs bras”, it looks like “bralettes: 1, bras: 0”.

Do you wear a bra underneath a bralette?

The perk of the bralette is comfort, so it doesn’t make a world of sense to keep your regular bra underneath.

If maintaining your breast shape is keeping you from ditching the bra — we’ve already covered this! Just and old myth, ladies. So, let’s not sacrifice our comfort for and old wives’ tale.

If you’re blessed with a bigger set of hooters, have had a pregnancy or are just naturally undergoing the aging process; it’s likely you won’t avoid sagging anyway. Also, as it mostly comes from such wonderful things — surely it isn’t so bad to live with our natural shape!

Still — if you feel comfortable wearing the bralette while keeping the security of your wired bra; everyone’s free to choose. After all, these are undergarments we’re talking about. No one must know what goes on behind the scenes.

What kind of bralette is right for me?

This depends on your preference, body shape and choices between style and comfort.

If you’re rocking a smaller set and wanting to accentuate the girls with a trendy bralette; you can always go for the strappy style. These gems will usually take the triangle shape of the bralette, while adding some straps from the centre to your shoulders. Creating an almost cartoon-looking cleavage.

I know the word “cartoon” can be off-putting; but have a look for yourselves!

Larger-chested ladies, we know the bralettes can be daunting but there is hope in the right shape!

For example, this halter V-neck bralette does an amazing job at providing a supportive fit for larger breasts. The wide-lace straps prevents any digging into your shoulders.

Lastly, comfort. Old faithful Calvin Klein has provided the goods.

It’s not all lace and straps, the bralette can be your best friend in all its cotton glory, too. This one is more of an under-shirt bralette, focusing more on comfort than style. Though, I think we can all agree a set of Calvin’s are trendy in their own respect!

Pros and Cons of the bralette

Let’s summarise, shall we?

We’ll start with the cons — as there aren’t many! These being, the lesser amount of support and coverage. While it is possible to find a bralette with support for a heavier chest — it’s unlikely to be as supportive it’s underwired sister. This can leave the curvier of women feeling a little less than secure.

Then, there’s the exposure. As the bralette is made without padding or a mould; your breasts will remain closer to their natural shape. The (most commonly) laced material doesn’t provide much coverage for the nipple either, leaving you to find alternative coverage such as nipple covers.

Among the pros, comfort is clearly the main contender — the bralette recently made its way into our “10 Most Comfortable Bras Ever” list for good reason!

If you have the option of sitting down with or without an underwire digging into your ribs; which one would you choose? Surely the latter.

To make things even better, you can be a queen of comfort while rocking the latest trends. Be as creative as you like with the bralette. By adding this piece to your wardrobe, you immediately have a whole new set of outfits!

Not to mention, this dainty undergarment gives the smaller chest something to celebrate. Some ladies sporting the smaller cups tend to feel insecure about their less-then vivacious figure. The bralette is an excellent accessory to accentuate small breasts for an extra boost of confidence!

There you have it, happy bralette-ing, gals!