Fleur of England, an exclusive brand that prevails ever since 2000 is all about fit and sophisticated elegance. One of Fleur's greatest trademarks is the comfort that comes along with sexy and sensual looks, thus creating not only a magnificent lingerie that pleases the eye but a vestment that embraces your body with almost a celestial touch. Inspired from Scottish roots brand outshines most of what you see in stores nowadays.

Fleur of England is for a fact a superior brand when it comes to lingerie. Not many brands are considered favourite by so many celebrities, Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and Helena Christensen are just few that have Fleur of England on the top shelves of their drawers. Fleur's handcrafted lingerie is sold all across the globe after 14 years of astonishing success, most of what you can find on their official website fleurofengland.com.

The new Signature collection by Fleur of England.

Fleur of England Signature collection
Fleur of England "Black"

Forthcoming elegantly using all beloved classical colors in Black, Nude and White. Pieces are mingled together using the signature French leavers and splendorous silk satin. Such collection stands permanent as these luxury smithereens are nuts and bolts of supreme lingerie chamber. A must for bon vivant lingerie enthusiast. As the comfort and luxury stand united only the most calibrated of lingerie is chosen.

Eternally in fashion, Black is the one and only black. Come upon wardrobe classics in exclusive French eyelash lace and black silk satin.

Fleur of England Signature collection
Fleur of England "Nude"

Fleur of England gives Nude collection spicy transparency, making the conclusive nude collection the one you can't live without. Pure Chic. The vigorous White collection makes it a perfect choice for bridal celebration. Beautiful white is the color of boundless hauteur in all occasions. Three collections mingled together.

Fleur of England Signature collection
Fleur of England "White"

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