How to Measure Bra Size – 3 Easy Steps


Step 1 — Taking Band Size Measurements

Bra measure band size

While holding the measuring tape horizontally, use it to measure the girth right under the bra and your bust, remember to breathe out completely as you take the measurement. If measurement is not precise, round it down the the closest number.
Take note that once you go past 38 band size, numbers should be rounded up. For example: 39″ will be 40 size band, and 41,5″ will be 42.

Step 2 — Cup Size Measurements


Keep your posture straight up, arms aside, take the measurement of the fullest bust part (you should also lean forward and let your breasts fall down so you can take the actual size of your full breast tissue), keep an eye on your tape so that it stays as horizontal as possible. If the number is fractional, round it to whatever whole number is closest.


Step 3 — Calculating The Results


To calculate your actual cup size, subtract your band measurement from your cup measurement, depending on the number you get you can determine the cup size. (see the chart below)

Bra size table

Cup size = 38″
Band size =36″
38 – 36 = 2″
That means you bra size is 36B.

Breasts' shapes

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