Lingerie trends of 2017 are looking nothing like 2016. In this article, we present you the latest and most trendy fashion ideas that are currently in the spotlight. From lingerie to outwear and something in between, all new collections are incredibly creative and fresh. In general you can expect apparels that are embraced by warm, summery essences with light and breezy appearance. Overall vibe this years seems to be carefree yet elegant. I have to say it is a considerable contrast from what we witnessed a decade ago with flashy and ostentatious outfits that seemed to always seek attention. Today we are looking at subtle and more individualistic features of fashion trends that are less pulverizing to the eye and radiate soft yet calming presence.

Floral Patterns

A floral touch in lingerie and outwear is definitely one of this season’s top lingerie trends. While inspired from the 70s vintage looks, new designer collections are adjusted with a modern touch and using latest craftsmanship techniques. This makes new floral print outfits look absolutely gorgeous and romantic yet edgy at the same time.

Floral patterns lingerie

Embroidered And Camisole Outwear

Classic, almost formal looks never seem to go out of fashion. This season is no different. Only thing separating newest collections is a bit of lingerie outwear look. You get the best of both worlds.

Embroidered outwear

Scalloped Accents And Lace Underwear

Pretty, girlish lingerie has its perks in almost any occasion. In times when you just want lingerie with simple yet polished look, scalloped lace is an excellent choice. With new models in particular, designers are providing plentiful types of lingerie from revealing to even body-suit.

Scalloped accents lingerie

Peek-a-Boo Apparels

It’s a relatively new thing, however, it is already widely known for its playfulness and slight touch of provocative mystique. I especially love how mesh detailing can blend with the solid materials and, when done right, this lingerie can be ultimate play maker in your boudoir.

Peek-a-Boo lingerie


Blush colored lingerie is not about to leave the spotlight during this season. Blush toned apparel is without a doubt the number one go-to option when choosing something more intimate and sexy yet classy. Whether getting a full set or one piece, nude and blush colored lingerie is very flexible to combine with multiple styles or types of outfits and it is hard to get it wrong.

Blush lingerie

Multi-Strap Lingerie

Multi-strapped lingerie has been in style for over a year or so and this particular lingerie trend still continues its march of victory in fashion. New collections are providing plenty of exquisite pieces that can be matched perfectly with the current trends. Multi-straps are awesome as they can emphasize your sexuality and enhance your feminine featureswith their minimalist linings while providing just enough coverage to not appear too vulgar.

Multi-strap lingerie

Velvet Lingerie

Some time ago you would almost never see velvet being worn – even if you did, it was probably some granny with an outdated outfit. This, however, is changing rapidly in fashion trends of 2017. Velvet dresses, outwear and even velvet lingerie is currently on a path of renaissance. I am pretty sure this might be something new for a lot of readers so I highly encourage you to explore just how amazing and soft the new apparels are. What’s best about it? It’s that velvet is not something you will see in regular outfits and fashion items, especially lingerie, so this might be just the thing to add to your outfit to make it more individual and unconventional.

Velvet lingerie

Sports Bra

An active lifestyle and a lot of movement has become just as fundamental in everyone’s daily activities as eating, meeting friends and going out, and fashion, of course, is keeping up to make sure we look trendy while doing it all! Sports bras which also serve as fashionable outwear lingerie can make you feel both comfortable, sexy and confident at the same time. Most of the latest collections really shine in creating such sports-outwear-lingerie sets that will complete your every wish – they are trendy, pretty, comfortable and simply feel great when worn.

Sports bra