The sweater-weather is in its full bloom. Cute, cozy and warm – we get that! But sometimes (and now more than ever) life calls for a little spice. In terms of underwear, sheer lingerie is the definition of “spicy”. A light mesh or lace veil serving as an invitation to explore… Is there anything sexier? If yes, please tell us. In this blog post let's dive into the sensual world of sheer lingerie that's also known as transparent or see-through lingerie.

What's sheer lingerie?

Sheer lingerie is any piece of underwear or boudoir wear that's made either entirely or mostly out of see-through fabric. It could be mesh, lace or, for example, light-weight natural silk. The coverage varies from “slightly sheer” to “barely there”.

How to wear sheer lingerie?

Although one might think that sheer lingerie is meant for bedroom fun only, that's not the case. Sheer lingerie sure is a firestarter in the sack. But what's the true point of lingerie? Firstly, to boost mood and confidence! When a woman feels confident and good in her skin, boy do everyone sees it instantly! The eyes light up, the back straightens and sex-appeal skyrockets.  So yes, sheer lingerie is meant for everyone who wants a boost of confidence.

Try wearing a mesh bra under a low-cut chunky knit sweater or mesh thong under the slacks on an ordinary office day. We guarantee – you'll feel like a queen the whole day. When it comes to lingerie, there are no rules, except one. You must feel comfortable while wearing the piece! Because if the bra straps dig into your skin or low-quality lace make the skin itch, there's nothing sexy about that. So, continue with us to unravel some tips and tricks for the best experience sheer lingerie can offer!

Where to get the best sheer lingerie?

While going to a lingerie store, getting a proper fitting and consultation is always a good idea, during a global pandemic there's nothing more convenient than shopping online. And it's totally fine to do so! We recommend you read reviews carefully and get as much info about the garment as you can. is a great option since all the reviews are easily accessible and there usually are plenty of real-life pics of the piece, captured by the customers.

The types and styles of sheer lingerie

While we at Bratag are crazy about bras, it would be a shame not to mention other sheer lingerie garments that bring the sexy.

Sheer bras

The variety of sheer bras is unbelievable. Different in shapes, materials and support levels, there's surely a sheer bra for every lady out there.

  • Sheer bralettes. We believe it's a lingerie staple! The relaxed fit combined with an enticing design is a fashion weapon every girl should own – for kicking the self-esteem up a notch and making the SO swoon. Take a look at this set. Firstly, yay for the 65% of cotton that is a promise this lace won't feel itchy on the skin. Secondly, the high waist is a blessing for any lady with squishy bits around the tummy. Which probably are most of us, right?
  • Sheer balconettes. Oh, these are the HOT, HOT, HOT ones. Contrary to bralettes, balconettes usually offer a great amount of support and thus work better with larger breasts. The cup fabric should not stretch too much as its job is to keep the breasts nice and round. The cool thing about many bralette styles – the seam in the middle of a cup. With a sheer cup, the seam will cover the nipple a bit, creating an enticing effect. This one here is a perfect choice for larger breasts. It has a built-in sling that offers lift and support without padding. So that the goodies can remain in the spotlight...
  • Sheer demi bras. Yes. Your “boring” demi bra can be sexy as hell! Just make it sheer. Have we yet mentioned that sheer lingeries not only look good but also feel good? The holes in the fabric allow air to flow, so a fresh feel is guaranteed. While chilling at home your sweetie, wear a sheer demi under a T-shirt to allow some tempting nipple situation to escalate. This one will do perfectly!

Sheer robes

Nightgowns are an easy-to-wear piece that can leave a stunning impression. Both when worn on its own or combined with a lingerie set or bodysuit. It's the fastest way to feel desirable. Just throw it on your birthday suit and enjoy the effect. When it comes to the bedroom, a sheer robe is like a beautiful gift wrap that covers and reveals all at the same time. Pure magic, isn't it? Just like this Babydoll nightgown.

Sheer bodysuits

Bodysuits are a great option for those who are still on their way to total confidence and body love. Bodysuits offer control over the final look and let you mask areas that you'd like to work on. For example, if you want to take the attention off the belly area, choose designs with ruching or larger lace motifs. Even more, if you desire something with a shaping effect, opt for a corset-style bodysuit. If the bodysuit is intended for some hot and heavy action, look for crotchless or snap crotch styles – to get to the point faster, you know…

Ah, and remember that bodysuits are a super versatile piece. Wear one over a matching color cami and go do your thing. A see-through bodysuit combined with a bra is a sexy combo for clubbing or a romantic date. Top it with a blazer and you'll steal eyes and hearts.

Sheer panties

Coming in different shapes and styles, all see-through panties are way more exciting than their full coverage sisters. It's also the easiest way to add some spice and color to an otherwise boring day. Instead of choosing your plain old cotton briefs, dress your booty in lace or mesh. If you've never tried sheer underwear, it's best to star with panties? Why? Firstly, you won't spend a fortune. Secondly, you'll be the only one to know what you're wearing. Therefore, you'll easily decide whether you like the see-through lingerie or not.

Sheer pajamas

Pajamas do sound boring. But there's nothing boring about sheer pajamas. It's the art of being attractive yet comfortable. The fabric is breathable and the style – arousing. For a sleepover party with your SO choose a style like this:

This satin pajama set with lace panelling is comfortable to sleep in, washes well and, as a review points out, even though is not meant to support, still holds everything in place!

Layering sheer lingerie

Sheer underwear is most fun when worn on its own - on the bare skin. Yet we understand that it might feel weird. Especially if you're used to high-coverage padded bras or super-comfy cotton knickers. So let's start slowly! Pair a lace bralette with a lightly padded minimalistic bra in a similar color. A sheer mesh bodysuit will look fantastic when worn over a sexy balconette bra and matching cut briefs. The universal rule - garments worn under mesh or lace should be smooth and simple so that patterns, textures and colors do not interfere with each other. Some sheer underwear garments can also be worn as tops. Just wear a spaghetti strap cami or your best matching bra under it and you're good to go!

Sheer lingerie in bed

Sheer lingerie feels as exciting as it looks. Just think about it. The feeling of skin being touched through a thin and delicate layer is arousing. Sheer fabrics and lace add next-level sensuality to bedroom play. And it would be a shame not to try it out. How to have sex with sheer lingerie? We have some tips for that.

  • Make sure garments fit you well. Sex calls for movement. Lots and lots of it. So make sure your bra, bodysuit, or panties fit well. If seams are digging into the flesh or the garment is riding up or falling down, it might kill your mood. Before buying lingerie, read customer reviews on sizing. You might need to size up or down, depending on the brand. Always try the piece out before making the grand entrance.
  • Consider open crotch or snap crotch for one-piece garments. Bodysuits are a tricky piece to undo while getting all hot and heavy. And why would you? It's way more exciting to leave it on, right? To be able to do that, opt for designs that allow easy access to the fun parts. Open cup bra
  • Tease, tease, tease! This is not a practical suggestion. But sheer lingerie is perfect for layering which provides the chance to tease your partner all day long. Let your bra peek through a low cut T-shirt or wear a miniskirt over crotchless panties. Give hints and warm him up for the evening. Although, who could wait 'till the evening, right?

After playing around in your sheer lingerie, take good care of it. Either wash it with hands and leave on a towel to dry or throw it in a laundry bag and spin on a gentle cycle in your washer.

Sheer lingerie as a gift

If you're looking to buy lingerie as a present for your sweetie… Lucky her! Sheer lingerie is a sensual gift that will be a statement of pure adoration.

Here are a few quick tips for that.

  • Raid her laundry drawer to find out the correct size. Make notes if you need! Usually, the size that repeats the most, is the correct one. After you've decided what to buy, clarify whether the piece is true to size.
  • Look for her favourite lingerie brands. If she likes pieces from certain brands, that means she enjoys both the design and quality. Look the brands up on the internet – either the brand's online store or amazon.
  • Observe what kind of underwear your woman owns and try to imagine what she'd have fun wearing. While buying lingerie for your lady is an exciting opportunity to make your wildest fantasies come alive, think about her firstly. You do not want to overdo. Start off with garters and stockings that are matching her favourite lingerie set. Discover the magic of sheer fabrics, move onto bodysuits. If your lady's not on the shy side, try cupless bras or crotchless panties.

Sheer up!

Sheer is the way to go if you aim to spice your lingerie game up a bit. And there is a kind of sheer for everyone. Lace is an elegant classic that has a well deserved place in any woman's laundry drawer. Mesh lingerie is modern and comfortable – that no-fuss sexappeal. Sheer lingerie is great because it covers as much as it reveals. It's your bare skin, not the garment, that's in the spotlight – and so should it be!