Every girl hits the gym to get that toned ass and tiny waist to look super sexy and hot, but let us not neglect the back. Yes indeed, your back plays enormous role not only in your sex appeal and attractiveness as well as overall impression of power, vitality and your vibrance! Well toned and strong back is the key component to make you look irresistible when wearing a backless dress.

So ladies get off your couches and iPhones and start moving your hips like the goddess you are. Hips and shoulders and even your feet, it all plays a role in well being of your sexy back, but don’t take my word for it, I am sharing an amazing video of exceptional exercises to make your back look almost as if you were a professional athlete. Do not underestimate the power of yoga ladies.

Just watch this 10 minute sexy back workout video:

Here you can learn few very basic movement patterns that will lead you to amazing results in no time, and before you judge the book by its cover take your time and head into it and go for a full run, I promise you that if you haven’t been working out for a while this will be like a blessing to you and afterwards you are going to feel like a million bucks. Remember, you don’t want to look sloppy or imbalanced when wearing backless dress, since you back will be almost fully exposed.

Yoga is your friend. There is multiple reasons for it, and most important one is that you can do it any time and any where without any special equipment, the second being that it will bring a lot more benefits than simply doing gym and randomly picking up weights or working on crazy machines. You are not looking for bulky look or ripped back muscles. What you need is well toned, stable and naturally looking healthy back and even few sessions of properly done yoga will drastically improve your well being and appearance of your back!