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How to Go Braless and Why You Should Do It

going braless

Alright ladies, we’re thinking it might be time to let the girls out of prison. That’s right, we’re going braless! It’s everyone’s personal choice of course, but we’ve taken the time to weigh up the pros and cons. You may be surprised to find out there are far more pros! Read More →

6 Most Common Causes of Sore Boobs

Sore boobsIs it normal or should I see a doctor? The eternal question every woman has asked herself at one point in her life. This time it’s aimed at sore boobs. The good news is that having tender, sore breasts isn’t anything to be seriously worried about especially if you’re on your period. On the other hand, besides your period, there can be many different causes why your boobies are getting swollen and spilling over your trendiest bra more than once a month. Read More →

Best Waist Trainers to Lose Your Belly Fat

Best waist trainer cover image

Who hasn’t wanted to have a perfect hourglass shaped body at least at some point in their lives, huh? For most it has always been a goal that’s a bit too hard to achieve. However, if you are one of the majority and an insane amount of exercise and a strict diet is not exactly your thing, a simple shapewear product called “waist trainer” might be just the thing you need to finally lose those couple of annoying inches from your waistline. Shapewear products have always been a hot topic of controversial discussions and waist trainers certainly aren’t an exception. Let’s get our hands dirty and find out what this hype is all about.

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More Than 1 Reason to Use Shea Butter for Hair

Shea butter – this marvelous natural substance is most likely to be the best thing you can find for your hair. Its nourishing properties can not be compared to any other similar hair care goods and it is by far most beneficial when it comes to conditioning your hair. Shea butter is also commonly used as a skin care product, just as for hair it is a great moisturizer and conditioner.

Shea butter quality is never compromised since you should use it raw or unrefined, both forms are pretty equal in their performance. When speaking of specific products I have chosen two of my favorites both of which are great!
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Best Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Best Moisturizer For Oily Skin
Purified Squalane Oilless Oil from Peter Thomas Roth is definitely the best moisturizer for oily skin. I take very good care of my face so I am particularly picky when dealing with my face care products. This got me from the very first try actually, the way it felt on my skin and how easy it was to apply as well as the hydrating sensations afterwards make up for an ideal mixture of pretty much the most excellent moisturizer I ever had before. So I feel totally confident sharing and suggesting it to everyone. I know everyone has their own preference on how to judge skin care products but I will go with what I think made this oilless oil so great. Read More →

Toning Your Back for Backless Dress

Backless dress workout

Every girl hits the gym to get that toned ass and tiny waist to look super sexy and hot, but let us not neglect the back. Yes indeed, your back plays enormous role not only in your sex appeal and attractiveness as well as overall impression of power, vitality and your vibrance! Well toned and strong back is the key component to make you look irresistible when wearing a backless dress. Read More →