If you still don’t have a sports bra in your wardrobe you need to make some changes. Any sport activity requires extra support to help preventing injuries and providing more comfort. Conventional bras or lingerie won’t be a substitute for a good, well fitted sports bra. There are multiple types of sports bras designed for different intensity and purpose.

I will explore the types of bras as well as the correct application depending on your size and activity. Generally there are 3 major types of sports bras, each with a different purpose and design.

Types of Sports Bras

Compression Sports Bra

Compression bras function as the name suggests, by compressing your breasts towards your chest. Usually worn by pulling over your head these bras are most common. Though lot of models vary in sizes, these bras are most suitable for small-medium breasts (A-B cups) and are perfect for low-mid intensity activities. Most of the time there are no fastening required, you simply pull it over your had and you are ready to go.

Encapsulation Sports Bra

These bras often may appear as a regular bras, because they support each cup individually. This is why encapsulation bras are great choice for larger cup sizes (C and up). For extra support and comfort some brands may include underwire and fasteners. Another great feature is adjustable shoulder straps again – for better comfort and better fit so it a lot easier to adjust than other less modifiable sports bras.

Compression Encapsulation Sports Bra

The hybrid of both types is a weapon of choice for really large cups (C-DD) and extremely high intensity workout activities. As the name goes they provide both of the benefits of previously mentioned bras and pretty much only option if you have big bust. The technology of encapsulation/compression allows to compress both cups separately and greatly reduces the risk of shoulder fatigue and strain.


Woman running
High intesity workout


When doing yoga or basic strength training your breasts won’t be affected by much of a ground force. While sports bra is still a necessity you can think of simple compression bras. Most concern for low impact activity should be to simply hold breasts without much pressure so you can still feel comfortable and perform tasks that include stretching and flexible movements.


If you go cycling or hiking it is a good idea to go with something bit more conserved. Encapsulation bras are excellent choice since your breasts might bounce slightly more than on low impact. Adjustable straps will also allow for greater adjustment options so you can easily make your bra feel comfortable when engaging in your favorite sport.


When you are out for a run or any kind of extreme workout like mountain biking it is time to pack some serious armor. The combination of encapsulation and compression is the key for keeping your bouncing breasts in place with a good fit.


Group workout


While any type of bra might come in multiple sizes you will most likely find sports bras that are designed for A and B cups if you search for compression bras. The reason is quite simple. It is a lot easier to maintain the structural integrity for smaller breasts with more simple technology. So chances are that good compression bras might be all you need even for more intense activities. Still remember that it is all about that perfect fit and wearing the sports bra as comfortable as possible.


If your breasts are around C size consider that you will need more than just a very basic compression sports bra, I would suggest starting your journey with finest encapsulation bra shelves and just like with any regular bra keep an eye for a really good band support, it is even more important for sports bra.


Congratulations girl! Big breasts are sign of fertility and comes with a plenty of attention from men. So do not forget to take a strict care of your jewels. It is most difficult when choosing sports bra for breasts that are C or DD and up. While working out you should not neglect the bra and truly look for the best you can find, by statistics 80% of women wear improper sports bra and majority are well endowed women. You should only stick to finest Compression and encapsulation hybrids that come with the best from both worlds. Enjoy your training girls!