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La Perla SS15

La Perla, one of Italy’s finest Lingerie brands up to date. Over half a century these guys have been delivering pieces of underwear that left both ladies and gentlemen in awe. Starting out just as a swimwear manufacturer the evolution has gone a long way. Now offering greatest goods in over 150 boutique stores all over the world including London Sloane street, New York Madison and Milan Via Montenapoleone.

Making a huge breakthrough by introducing a new concept in 2014 in London, Milan and Hong Kong – the menswear fashion show at Pitti Uomo and becoming a part of Pacific Global Management group in 2013. La Perla is a fashion universe giant.

New summer/spring 2015 collection stands out as a lingerie no more limited for your boudoir, but more likely as something you would be glad to wear in public. Now don’t get your panties up in a bunch, La Perla is not suggesting you to go all wild out in the streets looking like a nowadays Marilyn Monroe on a crack, but opening new horizons when it comes to a sexy look even if it’s outwear.

La Perla SS15 Collection

New collection does include pure underwear pieces, and I can’t go about without mentioning my favorite “Light and Shadow” bodysuit (see below). Delicately designed with a perfect balance between transparency and “hide it for the fantasy” elements, coming in two colors, you have to pick white.


La Perla SS15 Collection

La Perla has plenty of choices to go with, “Daily Design” pieces made simple yet intriguing, “Petit Macrame” is designed for goddess appeal with the elegance almost incomparable with anything else for a boudoir wear. And Lastly “Tribal Dream” yes, it’s a dream, pieces are made to permanently engrave that look into your memory.

Well, overall this is collection hits TOP 5 for all the summer/spring collections out there.
See it yourself: La Perla – Official Online Boutique

La Perla SS15 Collection


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Published: May 3, 2015

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