It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a bra! It’s underwear! It’s a swimsuit! It’s a top! It’s… uhh… what exactly is it? It’s the glorious bodysuit. The full-torso top or undergarment. This baby is an absolute wardrobe staple. If this is the first time you’ve heard of such a thing, or if you’ve just been weighing up the pros and cons of wearing a bodysuit—we’re here to help you make an informed decision on the wonderful garment. We’ve even sourced a few great examples for bodysuits that may be for you!

What is a bodysuit?

The bodysuit is a one-piece garment shaped like a leotard or swimsuit to stylishly fit your form. The main difference between a bodysuit and a swimsuit or leotard, is that the bodysuit isn’t typically made for athletic or swimming purposes. It was introduced purely as a fashion product by an esteemed fashion designer in the 1950’s. Then after the lovely Betty Page started rocking it, the bodysuit made it’s mark on the fashion industry.

The shape of the torso can range from anything between a conservative turtle-neck to the daring plunge neck line. While the bottom half of the bodysuit can come with a thong-cut (perfect to wear under jeans or a tight skirt), full bum coverage, a booty-short or even down to the mid-thigh!

A bodysuit can come in almost any material under the sun to fit your needs or the occasion. It’s often made from either lace, mesh, cotton, nylon, spandex—the list of textiles goes on. If you’re feeling a little sexy or daring with your style—the mesh or lace bodysuit could be for you!

Lovers + Friends Dulce Bodysuit in White. - size XS (also in L,M,S,XL)

Maybe you’re after a little comfort or a convenient yet trendy top to tuck in. This gem of a garment still has your back! For example, this bodysuit perfectly shows the versatility of a casual bodysuit to be worn with jeans or anything you’re feeling with it.

Commando Ballet Racerback Bodysuit in Black.

5 reasons why you should own a bodysuit

1. The versatility. It’s unbelievably easy to make the bodysuit work with most of your outfits. Casual, smart, sexy, formal or just plain stylish. It’s perfect for any occasion!

2. They’re very flattering. The body-hugging style—no matter what size or shape you are, is a wonderful and comfortable way to show off your waist and celebrate your curves.

ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Rib U Neck Bodysuit in Black. - size M (also in L,S,XS)

3. Bodysuit’s are free from wardrobe malfunction. Seriously, what can go wrong? You could even do cartwheels down the street and you wouldn’t have to worry about your top. Not that you’ll regularly go cartwheeling down the street… but you get the idea.

4. They’re a year-round closet staple. Buying a bodysuit isn’t a winter or summer chore. It’s merely a matter of layering or flaunting between seasons. Keep this gem in your closet all year and you’ll always find a use for it!

5. Why on earth wouldn’t you? This world of style and practicality must be good for something. If you’ve not yet acquired a bodysuit in your life-time I can confidently say you’ve been missing out!

How to wear a bodysuit

The tucked-top can be hard to rock, as a loose shirt or singlet often bunches. Leaving you constantly rearranging your outfit to keep the look you confidently left the house with.

Personally, I own a few bodysuits as I LOVE the tucked look, and guess what? I wear them to work too! There really is no end to how you can style the body suit for any occasion. Now, I’m not saying I turn up to work in a sexy laced garment—just picture a professional long-sleeved neutral top with just the right amount of body-hug to be comfortable and presentational. See? Straight from sexy to corporate. If that isn’t a wardrobe-must I don’t know what is!

Commando Ballet Body Turtleneck Bodysuit in Black.

Also, there’s no need to fear any bathroom snafus as the bodysuit often comes with clips or buttons to conveniently undo the bottom. Saving you from having to remove your entire outfit.


If you’re still a little unsure on how to work a bodysuit into your wardrobe, here are a few small tips on how to wear a bodysuit for your personal style:


If you consider this your look—try a simple bodysuit with some smart pants and a chic blazer. Smart, and not too casual. Especially if you pair the ensemble with some heels.


We’ve had a lot of mention of jeans, but have you thought of a patterned maxi-skirt? We’re thinking a cotton bodysuit of your chosen colour and style, a buckled belt and a beautiful flowing skirt! Then, hippie-up the outfit a little more with some bangles and sandals and you’re good to go!


The beauty of the bodysuit is that it isn’t all lace and tight tops. You can easily find one in a T-shirt style for the torso, while still having the convenience and security of the tucked top.

Commando Essential Cotton Crewneck Bodysuit in White. - size L (also in S,XS)


Why not pair a laced or cotton bodysuit with some rolled-up mum-jeans, a belt, boots, sunglasses and a round hat? A perfect look for those Instagram festival snaps!

Night out

This is where we get a little sexier. Finish your dolled-up look with a lace or mesh bodysuit for an amazing (and comfortable!) party look. If you’re feeling daring, the mesh look with a bra underneath is an extremely popular look right now! The lace really speaks for itself. As a lace bodysuit is more along the lines of an undergarment, it’s also the perfect opportunity to go braless!

Summer gal

This is a very simple yet VERY effective look. Four words; halter neck, short shorts. Dress it up with whatever you like… but this bodysuit summer look is all you need in the heat, while keeping on top of trends.

h:ours Mindy Bodysuit in White. - size S (also in L,M,XL,XS,XXS)


Working the bodysuit into your day-look couldn’t be easier. Pair the garment of your choice with some ripped jeans, a jacket and some sneakers. Now you’re good to go for a coffee-date, shopping, catch up with friends, anything really! Maybe not a ball… or a wedding. Let’s just say almost anything.

So, there we have it, now you’re fully equipped to make your own decision on this life-changer of a garment. If you’ve already got a bodysuit (or a few) hanging up in your closet, hopefully this has given you some inspiration for some new looks. Maybe even rekindled your love for a forgotten item? Either way, this versatile piece of clothing has remained a timeless piece in every trend that has come and gone. In my opinion, the bodysuit is clearly a solid investment.

Happy trending, you wonderful women!