Every once in a while, there is a need for a top-quality push-up bra. The multifunctional wonder has become a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. The arrival of the push-up bra was an absolute game-changer in the 60’s.

There had been a few patent versions of the idea through the early 1900’s yet hadn’t been formally introduced until 1964 by a Canadian woman named Louise Poirier. Introducing enhancement to functionality; the push-up completely changed what women had come to expect in an undergarment. In fact, the push-up bra was named the fifth greatest Canadian invention of all time!

Over the years, this design had inspired many imitations and innovations. Lucky for us, all these creations have left us with best versions of the push-up bra to choose from. Here’s the best part—they’re even suitable for all shapes and sizes! A great push-up bra can easily enhance small, large, perky or saggy breasts. However, finding the perfect push-up bra that meets all your needs is a little like finding a unicorn. So, we are here to help you find that sparkly magical creature.

Push-up bra vs. Regular bra

The main difference between the push-up bra and a regular bra is really just the padding in the bottom of the cup. This creates the lift we look for in a push-up bra. Sometimes removeable, other times built-in—the padding will regularly consist of a foam, gel or silicone. Either way, this padding will make the girls look bangin’!

If you are looking for the best push-up bra, here are some of the characteristics to pay attention to:

  1. It must be comfortable;
  2. Well-fitting cups that are true to size;
  3. Adjustable bra straps;
  4. The padding shouldn’t be lumpy;
  5. A natural looking cleavage;
  6. Ideally, the bra should be suitable for machine wash. I mean, let’s be honest—nobody has time to do their laundry by hand.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation on finding the best push-up bra, then definitely don’t stop here. We’ve got all sorts of great info that we’d just love to share with you!

The best push-up bra

We’re starting strong with this wonderful piece (which happens to meet all of the aforementioned criteria); the Maidenform ‘Love The Lift’ Push-Up Bra. Giving you a natural-looking enhanced cleavage and sexy plunge neckline, while remaining a very comfortable bra. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen some of the best push-up bra reviews on this gem. Moreover; it has fully adjustable convertible straps, cup sizes from A to D, plus multiple colors and styles to choose from. This bra will definitely do the girls some justice!

According to the raving reviews, it’s clear that this bra has even overtrumped push-up bras by other famous brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Pink, GapBody and more. As it’s very true to its sizing, there is no gaping between your breasts or over-the-cup spillage, which makes the bra suitable to wear under t-shirts and sweaters (which is very rare for a push-up bra). All this goodness can still be topped by the price! Comfortable, great quality AND far more affordable than designer push-up bras. This bra is our first unicorn.

Top strapless push-up bras

We know it can be difficult to find a great strapless bra—let alone a strapless push-up. As comfortability and adjustable straps are a must in the best quality push-up bras (especially for the larger chest); we’ve sourced a couple of the best bras to meet your needs. Both complete with the perks of comfort and removable straps, of course! Firstly, we have the Lily of France Gel Touch Strapless Push-Up Bra.

It’s your trusty strapless bra equipped with a cleavage-enhancing push-up. This gal comes with a world of benefits. These being; the Gel Touch padding which gives you invisible edges and holds to your shape perfectly, added silicone on the underwire and wings to stay put all day and night. Even better—it includes clear straps for wardrobe versatility and subtlety for showing straps. Moreover, according to reviews this bra does not flatten your ladies down as other strapless bras do, so the girls will stay put.

If you’re not totally tempted by this strapless appetizer, let us offer you the main course; the irresistible Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Strapless Push-Up Bra. Let us start off by saying “It’s flipping Calvin Klein!!” We all know the name of the game in comfort is Calvin. On top of that, the trusty brand never fails to prove its quality, any owner of Calvin Klein’s underwear can vouch for that. Therefore we feel it’s a perfect brand to tackle the difficulty of creating the best and most comfortable strapless push-up bra.

This clever bra has side boning for extra support, so the bra won’t let you down on a dancing night out! It looks nice and natural, and fits snuggly. However, you really have to choose the cup sizes carefully to avoid quadroboob. We all know that’s not the hottest look in a strapless dress!

Push-up bralette

Another great choice if you’re looking for a push-up bra without the uncomfortable wires) is the push-up bralette. Based on the research we’ve done on customer reviews, the best push-up bralette and the top choice for most ladies is the Maidenform Casual Comfort Wirefree Push-Up Bralette.

It’s not the most elaborate design, but that’s not really what we’re after in this one. The super smooth and pleasant fabric lining makes for a classy look without sacrificing your comfort. Which happens to be EXACTLY what we look for in any bralette. The wire-free goodness is what makes the bralette a shining star in the lingerie industry these days. Now, they come as a push-up!? Let me think about it… I’ll take five, please!

For the bralette-lover wanting a little more detail in their garments; the Dobreva Floral Lace Wirefree Push Up Bralette might be a little more up-your-alley.

This bralette comes with adjustable straps (for a criss-cross or regular back), A beautiful lace design over the top of the cups, and a pull-over style to keep the girls secure with no wire. This push-up bralette is perfect for all shapes and sizes. It also helps up transition from the simple bralette to our next guest; the lace push-up bra.

Lace push-up bra

If simplicity just ain’t your thing; you might find your unicorn in a sexier, lacier push-up bra. Once again, one of our push-up bra champions have been selected from the Maidenform bra crafters, this time it’s the Maidenform Ultimate Lace Push-Up Bra.

We consider this to be the best lace push-up bra because of its super sexy and seductive design. As an added perk, this lacey-lass comes in a wide range of different colors, to cater to your taste! Beauty aside, this push up bra is very comfortable, even with its thickened padding which can add almost one extra cup size. In my opinion, this is certainly in the running for the winner of Best Push-Up Bra.

Push-up bra without underwire

Ladies, I know that many of us consider underwire bras to be the devil’s creation. We need not remind you of the digging in, skin redness and just overall discomfort. It seems an impossible task to find a push-up bra that is free from the dreaded underwire. Nevertheless, we have been lucky enough to find this bad girl; Calvin Klein Lightly Lined Wire-Free Contour Bra.

This bra is made from 22 percent lycra-elastane and has warp knits with for amazing stretchability. This ensures the durability of the fabric and guarantees a long-lasting, comfortable fit. Classic Calvin, always getting it right!

Best push-up bras for small breasts

If the girls are a little on the smaller side, then push-up bras might just be the thing you need in your life. We all have the urge to let our feminine side take over for special occasions. So, already having a go-to push-up bra to enhance that new outfit of yours just makes getting ready so much easier! As it happens, we’ve found two great options if you’re in search of the best push-up bra for the ittie-bitties. Firstly, we have the OnGossamer ‘Mesh Bump It Up’ Push-Up Bra which adds an entire extra cup size! This has resulted in amazing reviews from smaller breasted women who have nabbed this bra in order to lift the gals. Not to mention the comfy fit!

However, it must be noted that the material for this one is synthetic—so if it’s too hot outside, it might be best to go for a lighter, more breathable cotton bra. Can you guess where we’re going with this? Cotton… comfortable… it must be a Calvin. Presenting the Calvin Klein Icon Push-Up Convertible Bra!

This push-up bra is particularly good for low cut shirts and dresses. Perfect for the dreaded plunge neckline! Moreover, it comes with gel-based padding in the cups, which makes the bra look and feel more natural. So, if you’re after the best natural looking push-up bra—this is your gal!

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The best push-up bra for large breasts

Fuller-chested beauties, worry not! We’ve not forgotten you! We have found (if I dare say) THE best push-up bra for D cups and bigger. The gel-based padding in the cup makes for a natural look and feel, while comfortably enhancing the girls to new heights! Some may feel as though large breasts don’t need the extra help, but who says we can’t enjoy luxuries from time to time? Feel free to up the ante, ladies! Our chesty-champion is none other than the Warner’s ‘This is Not a Bra’ Full-Coverage Underwire Bra.

It has full coverage cups (to prevent spill-over), adjustable straps and a satin comfort wire system. This prevents the bra from digging and poking into your skin. This baby also comes in a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your unique personal style. Not to mention… drum roll please… it’s fully machine washable! Comfy, durable, adjustable, machine-washable and well fitted. This is the unicorn of unicorns when it comes to comfortable push-up bras. Don’t believe us? Well, this bra was actually voted “The Most Comfortable Bra” from New York Magazine.

I hope this list gave you a little insight into the best push-up bras to fit your needs, body and style. Happy shopping, beauties!