Having large boobs - that's a blessing! But the gifted ladies will tell you that it's quite a bit of fuss as well. When it comes to D cup and DD cup, things get particularly confusing. What's the difference between D cup and DD cup? How do you know, which one is your size? And what bras should you choose? In this article, we'll discuss how to determine the correct bra size and help you pick bras that do your mamacitas justice - whether they're a D cup, DD cup or bigger.

A simple guide to bra sizing

It's a well-known fact - unfortunately, most women do not wear the bra size that's right for them. Understanding your true bra size can seem like a rocket science. It's no joke when the size consists of two variables - the band size (the number) and the cup size (the letter). But we can tell you - it IS manageable!

Measuring the band size

You'll need a measuring tape for this. Wear an unlined or lightly padded bra and run the tape around your back at the level of the bra band. Make sure the tape is nice and snug but not digging into the flesh. Look at the number - if you don't get a whole number (e.g. 32 ½), round it up to the nearest whole number (33). Easy, right? But we're not done yet - to get your band size, add 4 inches, and round the result down to the nearest even number. And voila, it's your band size!

Measuring the cup size

To get your cup size, return to your measuring tape. Run it around the back right under your shoulder blades and across the fullest part of your breasts. That's your bust measurement! To find out your cup size, subtract your band size (yup, the one with 4 extra inches to it) from the bust measurement. Keep the result in mind and look at this table:

Bust measurement 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cup size (US) A B C D DD/E DDD/F DDDD/G H

So, let's say your bust measurement came out to be 40 inches and your band size was 36. 40 - 36 = 4. In the table 4 stands for D.

To get the complete bra size, combine the bust size and the cup size. In our example the lady is a beautiful 36D!

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What is the difference between D cup and DD cup?

Well, the answer is in the cup size table above. DD cup is simply a size larger than the D cup. DDD cup is one size bigger than the DD cup, but the DDDD cup is (you guessed it) size larger than the DDD cup. To make matters worse, some manufacturers stick to the Ds, while others prefer to keep going with the alphabet - after D comes E, F, G, and H. That means DD is the same as E, DDD is F and DDDD is G. If your current cup size is either DD, DDD or DDDD, bear in mind that it might as well be E, F or G.

The golden rule of bra sizes

The cup size depends on the band size! Cup size can only be determined within the context of the band size. You most probably will not be the same cup size throughout your life.

So if you've lost weight, you go down a band size and up a cup size.

If you've gained weight, you go up a band size and down a cup size.

Clinging to just one cup size and varying only band sizes is one the main cause of choosing uncomfortable bras.

Why a good fitting bra is important

First and utmost thing - because it's good for your health. Breast tissue that has been pushed and compressed for years can contribute to health issues. So, yes, if you've been feeling uncomfortable in your bras, it's time for a critical review of your brarsenal. Secondly, a well-fitting bra is the foundation of good looking outfits. You can ruin the look of a top or a dress just by wearing an ill-fitting bra.

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Best bras for large-busted ladies

After you've measured your gals carefully and come up with the correct bra size, here is the exciting part! Let's talk about different bras that treat the large bust well.

Minimizer bras for DD cup and above

If you're on a hunt for an everyday bra that makes your big gals look a bit smaller, a minimizer bra is your best buddy. Despite its name, the minimizer bra does not compress anything - actually it's rather comfy.  It distributes the breast tissue evenly, thus making your breasts look more flat. Throw in some back smoothing effect and - voila - it's your perfect everyday bra!

Sports bras for DD cup and above

Now, as mentioned above, the cup size alone does not speak for itself. If you're a D cup but the band size is not on the small side, you might feel comfortable while working out in the good ol' vest type sports bra. But if your boobs are relatively large compared to your body, you are definitely familiar with the bouncy-bouncy situation that leaves you just helpless… Running and high-intensity workouts are the worse, right? So let's be clear - boobs bounce because they lack support. And the best way to get support is to choose a bra with an underwire! You got us right. Sports bras with underwires are a thing and, in fact, an excellent thing. Another hack - if the cup is made from a non-stretchy material, the support will be better. Throw in some mesh details for better air circulation, wide and trusty straps and you're good to run a marathon or two!

Bralettes are for everyone

When thinking of bralettes, we usually picture these thin, tiny garments with zero support for the boobs. When you have large breasts, there's no purpose for that kind of bra. But that might be the wrong impression. As the bralette is usually a fashion piece, everyone has the right to have one. To make bralettes work for DD cup and above, add in some wire and drown it in layers of tempting lace. That's correct, same as with the sports bra! Wiring is not cheating, it's a necessity for making big boobs feel supported when doing your daily thing. As 90% of the bra's support comes from the band, underwire is a must when we talk about bigger tatas. But for days of peaceful lounging when you want that braless feel with a bit of coverage to it, choose comfy light support bralettes made from stretch fabrics.

Push-up your boob game

There are days you feel like a natural-born temptress, feeling all feminine and desirable. And then there are days when you wish something would come and magically lift the spirits up a bit. What do these days have in common? They all call for a good push-up bra. To lift the boobs and lift the mood, ey? While you might think that push-ups are a thing for girls with smaller boobs, in fact, that's not true. While seeking the perfect push-up bra for DD cup and above, mind the straps - they should be wide enough to provide support. The bigger the breasts, the more important it is for bra straps to be comfortable. Secondly, the cups. Make sure they not overly padded - you want padding at the bottom of the cup and a tiny bit on the sides, as that will provide the lift and shape. But do not over exaggerate because you don't want your girls to be too compressed. Pay attention to how far apart the cups are placed. To get that stunning cleavage, you might want to opt for a bra with cups set closer together.

Smoothen that back

Remember how we talked about the wrong size bra ruining your outfit? Well, think of a beautiful bodycon dress and…  bulging back fat. Luckily it's easily preventable with a simple back smoothing bra. The bra band of such bra is as wide as possible and the straps are not attached with clips - they seemingly grow out of the band, creating a shape that easily holds that back fat in place.

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Go backless

Ladies with DD cup and above love plunge back dresses too! So how to make sure everything's fine both in the boob department and AND back department? Can a backless bra actually support large bust? Now we've got to be honest with you guys. While we believe adhesive bras are great on some occasions, we can't guarantee all adhesive bras will work properly for big boobs, as the breasts are rather heavy.

Swimwear for DD cup and above

With summer approaching, swimwear's a HOT topic! So how to rock your curves at the beach? Just like sportswear, swimwear for DD cup and above must be supportive, too. Comfy cups, wide straps, and preferably wiring are three main ingredients. The rest is up to you. If you want to keep it low key, choose a bathing suit with a higher neck - you're gonna look confident and chic.

On a more playful note, travel back in time to the 50s. That pin-up glam never goes out of style, so embrace it with an iconic high waist bikini set. This kind of bra provides support, smoothens the back and compliments almost any silhouette.

But for days when you yearn for the sun kissing as much of your body as possible, go bikini! Because why not? God knows bikinis for DD cup and above can be sexy as hell!

For everyday comfort

Built-in shelf bras are the definition of convenience. Basically it is a tank top or camisole with a simple wireless bra built-in to it. That's the best option to wear underneath a button-up shirt on colder days or to wear on its own, combined with a flowy skirt, jeans or shorts. To use it as a standalone, make sure the fabric is thick enough. Fortunately, the color range of this kind of garment has become surprisingly wide - so you'll definitely find something that floats your boat!

Built-shelf bra is one thing. But "shelf bras" are something completely different. So continue reading to meet built-in shelf bra's sexy cousin!

Add in some spice

Do you know these bras that barely have a cup? Yup, these are the sexy shelf bras! These are not cupless bras, as shelf bras usually have at least a quarter of a cup, therefore more support. Can women with DD cup and above rock a shelf bra? We say YES! Nothing empowers more than sexy lingerie, so you gotta find the right shelf bra for you. Choose one with a thick band, and stretchy, quality lace. Make sure the cup material is also ready for some heavy lifting, not only looking pretty.  Preferably the cups should also have underwiring.

At the end of the day - it's all about comfort

Many women dislike the concept of bras because they've worn uncomfortable brasserie throughout their lives. For instance, you might think that you hate wired bras. It's most probably not the underwire that you hate, it's the ill fit or bras you're used to. For women with large breasts, comfortable wiring is a lifesaver. We're trained to think that everything that comes after a D cup must be huge. But as we found out today, the cup size is relative to band size. So feel free to discover that you might actually be a DD (E), DDD (F), DDDD(G), or above. Because it's not about the size - it's about your comfort and your health. And it's about confidence! The better-fitting the bra, the better-looking the outfit. So explore, try things out until you find your perfect bra!