It has always been a challenge to find a strapless bra that stays up. These are by far the most controversial of all bras out there. Some ladies hate them with a passion meanwhile some couldn’t imagine their lives without them. If you’re the latter one I would really like to hear your strapless bra secrets. However, while we collectively wait for them, here are some of the best strapless bras that I have found through excessive research.

So far I have noticed a pattern with my friends – the more average the cup size the less problems they get. It seems that girls with bigger breasts and ones who are smaller have the most problems. Why is that? The answer lies in the straps. Yes, those pesky suckers that you sometimes just want to rip off are the main providers of support, therefore once removed you truly lose the stability. For bigger breasted girls this truly is the biggest pain in the breast, let’s say. For the owners of a smaller bust this may be less of a problem, however, the struggle with this bra type is still very real.

Strapless bra itself should not be considered a problematic item, it’s how you wear it and if you wear the right match.What happens a lot of time is the infuriating complications when wearing a strapless bra. Stuff like “double boob” or lines of fat in the back may occur when choosing the wrong bra or fit.

While there are stories of even the best strapless bras slipping down and exposing more than necessary, your outfit choice could be more at fault here than your bra. This is why it is important to find the right match with your outfit that will stick together like Ozzie and Sharon. (Okay, maybe that’s a bad comparison, but you get the gist.)

Another annoying issue is when the underwire of the bra starts to dig into the chest. This may result in a lot of irritation to the skin and cause bruising that takes time to heal. In the words of Youtube sensation Sweet Brown: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” On that note, I hope you do have some time to take a look at these 7 best strapless bras for everyone.

The best strapless bra

Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

No wonder it is named Red Carpet Strapless. This strapless bra will truly make you feel like the starlet you are!

This convertible bra with underwire and medium sized band is an excellent fit for girls of every bra size. Even though it is designed with the fuller busted woman in mind, it is still the best fitting strapless bra even women with smaller busts have owned.

The medium band is only one of the reasons why I find this to be the best strapless bra for everyone. You know what they say, the bigger the band the….yes, the better support. Well, in this case you don’t need the biggest one to be satisfied with your choice. The size of the band is just right to hold and support your breasts, whether big or small.

Also the seamless cups will beautifully outline your shape without making itself visible through clothes. To make things better it has a great color variety, such as nude, cappuccino, black gardenia and pecan. Each color comes with compatible toned straps that can be removed at will. It is incredibly comfortable and doesn’t shift around with movement due to silicone along the bras neckline that holds it in place. Even though I am usually iffy about convertible strapless bras, this one stole my heart AND paycheck.

Best strapless bra for large breasts

Lift and support – two words that don’t really fit into big busted women vocabulary, however, times are changing. Even though at times it may seem easier to solve world hunger than find a decent fitting strapless bra for large breasts, the hope always dies last. I know some of you may choose to simply not buy or wear outfits that need a strapless bra, now you don’t need to do that anymore. If Sofia Vergara or Ashley Graham can look bomb in a low cut or backless dress, so can you, especially if you have these as your ammunition.

Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Strapless Bra

This bra takes time to pronounce its name. It also takes a while for you to get enough of it. While the no poke underwiremight have already sold me on it, this strapless bra only keeps getting better. The internal silicone layer allows it to stick onto your skin. Along with underwire and side boning this bra is destined to stay firmly in place.

Just like the previous bra this one has convertible straps for any occasion. Plus the double knit fabric will give you a beautifully smooth silhouette whilst taking care of no slippage. One flaw, however, would be finding what to do with your free time now that you don’t have to tug your bra up all night long.

Also, it only comes in the holy trinity of colors – white, black and beige. I guess we can’t wish for everything. However, as far as strapless bras for large breasts go, this one has earned its spot here for a reason.

Best strapless minimizer bra

Lilyette by Bali Tailored Minimizer Bra

Despite the minimal lifting, this strapless bra looks natural and does its two primary jobs – stays put and minimizes the breasts. Since this is a minimizer bra the material for this one is thin. There is also no unnecessary padding, so bear that in mind when choosing your outfit.

As with the other ones, this one is super comfortable, well as comfortable as bras go. Some even go as far as saying it feels like wearing nothing at all. Maybe, because it is true to size and super soft. The inside of the bra has a silicone lining to help grip to skin to keep the bra up.

It is a bit hard to put on just like most of its kind, so this can’t be held against it. Also, you need to hurry with this one, because you may not get the color you wish for in your size. Other than that, this seems to be the only setback for an otherwise great strapless bra.

Best strapless push-up bra

Good push-up strapless bras are as rare as hen’s teeth. It is difficult enough to find a comfortable strapless bra add push-up to that and cue – a major headache. But, wait! Keep your headaches at bay, at least until you’ve checked out these findings.

Maidenform Custom Lift Strapless Bra

This strapless underwire bra is true to size and provides accurate fit. With a thicker padding at the bottom of the cup to create the push-up effect it looks great under clothes. As most strapless bras it only comes in 3 colors. (They should really think about other colors.) As opposed to others this one is also easy to move in. Based on some reviews even professional dancers approve of it and use it in competitions.

No hurtful digging in your ribs or issues with falling down. It is well made, with even stitching and fits for all sizes, however, will do the push-up magic better on slightly smaller breasts.

They only setback some have found is the difficulty to put on and take of the straps. On the other hand when they’re on, they’re ON and stay in place. Comparing to others, you can buy it for a very modest price.

Best strapless bras for small breasts

There’s a great misconception that if you have small breasts strapless bras shouldn’t be a problem for you. While it may be simpler to find one with a smaller band due to your breast size, there’s still other factors to keep in mind. Shape for one.

Most strapless bras for small breasts create a very unappealing gap between the bra and breasts. Due to this they may also fall down, create an odd breast shape or side bulge. There’s also itching and digging in your ribs that isn’t suddenly excluded just because you’re a couple of sizes smaller. So, here’s two of the best supportive strapless bras for small breasts out there.

Lily of France Gel Touch Strapless Push Up Bra

Don’t let the word gel befool you. Gel is usually pretty much associated with discomfort, however, this Gel Touch pad feels natural and soft against the skin. It also molds to your skin perfectly and includes removable and convertible clear straps. An added bonus – the clear straps don’t reflect light, which makes them really subtle.

There won’t be any side bulges or gaps with this one, due to the silicone on the underwire and side wings. If you love being versatile with your wardrobe this is the right choice for you. It is seamless and even the lacy edges that line the cups won’t bother you.

As with all silicone bras, try not to wear if you plan on being super active or sweat a lot. (I know, you can’t really plan sweating.). Even though it is comfortable, I have to warn you that it still will be snugger than a standard bra. It is also excellent not only for smaller busted, but also for more petite in height women.

Calvin Klein Naked Glamour Strapless Push Up Bra

This Calvin Klein piece offers a smooth yet minimalist look. It comes in 3 colors and is perfect for small and medium sized breasts. This bra has a multi-way and push-up feature, so you can wear it however you please.

Best strapless longline bra

It gives you that flattering and sultry look, with or without clothes. Calvin Klein is known for good bras for smaller breasts, and this is no exception. It is one of the best strapless bras for a-c cup, so if you fit in that category, lucky you! Also, with the affordable price this really is a steal. If you want a simple low-cost strapless bra, this may be the best option for you.

Felina Essentials Longline Strapless Convertible Bra

If none of the aforementioned bras seemed right for you, don’t worry, there’s still some hope for you. I believe there always needs to be a plan B. What to do if I need to wear a backless dress, but want to wear a bra? The answer to that would be the strapless bra’s cousin – adhesive bra. But what if the usual strapless bras, just aren’t sturdy enough? Then it’s time to pull out the big guns, or the more sophisticated longline bra.

Some call it the mother of all strapless bras. This very delicate and smooth bra has excellent blending and invisibility. If you need to wear a silky dress or something that requires bra to be absent then this is the weapon of choice. It has no underwire for more natural shapes, and the widened band helps maintain the great support.

It is excellent for medium and large sized breasts, however only comes with 2 color options. Even though the cups aren’t padded, it still adds a tiny bit of push and perkiness to your girls.

A bit of warning, however. It could be a bit more difficult to sit in than the usual strapless bra, due to its low band. Other than that, this sophisticated beauty will stand by you through thick and thin….clothes.

Most common strapless bra problems and how to deal with them

  • No straps mean less support

First and foremost you need to understand that strapless bra is not a regular bra. Expecting it to have the same support as a regular one is just setting yourself up for disappointment. You need to do some preparations and have the right clothing that would act as extra support when you decide to go strapless. In other words – these bras have less support by default and are more prone to slipping down.

  • Your bra is reaching its existential limit

It happens to all things in universe. Like it or not, but your strapless bra ages faster than your regular one. Mainly for its lack of upper support since not having straps leaves more work for your band. Strapless bras have a lifespan of about half a year. Maybe up to a full year if you get lucky or yours is of the best quality. So don’t stick to one bra for too long. Also, make sure to always hand-wash your strapless bra. Scratch that! This goes for all your bras, if you want them to last longer.

  • Wrong sizing

Generally if you want a strapless bra to stay up you go at least 1 size smaller in band. But since this is not always the case make sure to look at the reviews and read them through before buying yourself a bra. Read the description carefully, measure twice and cut once! This can save you lot of money, and unnecessary rags in your mail.

  • Pay attention to the band – go wider

Don’t forget that without straps band is left as the only component that provides the support. Whenever you stand between a dilemma of 2 or more bras you like, go with the one with the widest band. Also bear in mind the bigger your breasts, the bigger band is more suitable for you. As with everything, this is only word of caution, in the end do what best suits you. If you need a strapless bra for a teeny-tiny top, you may choose one of the aforementioned bras with medium bands. For that kind occasions you could also check-out one of our articles about backless bras.

  • Your breasts might be just too big

If you have been blessed with a really large breast size consider that wearing a strapless bra might not even be the option for you. In this case you should try different solutions when attending an event where you need to go with exposed shoulders. You could try going sans bra and using nipple pasties or even the now popular breast tape. You can check out more here.

  • Wearing improper clothes

If your bra just won’t stay in place no matter what or is in constant need of readjustment it may be your clothes. Maybe you are wearing a dress that relies solely on the support of your breasts. In this case you really need to think about supporting your clothes at the waist level rather than at the chest. Strapless bra that doesn’t slip should provide enough leverage for itself AND the dress if the waist support is adjusted correctly. Remember even the most expensive bras may ruin your look when matched incorrectly with your outfit.