Are you sick of that razor sharp underwire digging into your ribcage? The fit that’s never quite right? My guess is yes; because aren’t we all? It seems like a life-long endeavor to find the most comfortable bra. This is obviously a major inconvenience as our bodies are constantly changing. Not only that, but fleeting trends and styles only add to the task. At a certain point you just dread stepping into yet another dressing room for a fresh dose of disappointment.

Thanks to the wonderful world of online research, we can pinpoint the most comfortable bras for every size and shape. As a bonus, you can remain home in your (currently) uncomfortable underwear.

By now you’re probably itching to find your new comfy bra. So we’ve taken the liberty of narrowing the search down to these 10 incredibly comfortable bras. We’ve taken into consideration the material, style and of course – comfort! Take a look!

1. Warner’s ‘This is Not a Bra’ Full-Coverage Underwire Bra

Let’s start off with New York Magazine’s voted ‘The Most Comfortable Bra’, shall we? For just $20 you can get more than your money’s worth with this renowned women’s favorite. This style wise simple bra is made from women, for women. The bra contains ‘the satin comfort wire system’, which means the underwire is encased in luxurious satin to prevent any digging-in and provide long-lasting comfort throughout the day.


This bra consists of nylon and spandex and (the previously mentioned) satin comfort wire system. Even though it’s only lightly padded, you don’t have to worry about feeling a little on-show. The full coverage cup is designed to prevent any spillage, keeping everything hidden under your t-shirt. To top it all off, this baby is fully machine washable so there’s no need to treat it any differently to your less comfortable bras! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


The adjustable stretch straps and full coverage cups will keep you snug and contained to prevent spillover, without any pain over your shoulders. Warner’s definitely know their way around crafting one of the most comfortable bras to suit small, average and plus sized ladies. The padding and satin supported underwire will make sure your skin underneath can actually breathe and feel great all day long.

Talking about unlimited comfort, the stretch straps are front-adjustable. Could it get any better?

The cup size ranges from an A to a double D, which can be tricky to find in a lot of top brands.

Lastly, style has not been forgotten among the aim for comfort. With a generous range of colors, this bra will blend in perfectly with almost all of your outfit choices. Thanks to the full coverage cups, a smooth look under your clothes is guaranteed. For the utmost comfort and support – choose Warner's and forget you are wearing a bra at all!

2. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Smoothing Underwire Bra

This full figure underwire bra with 4-way stretch fabric is a real illusionist. It knows exactly how to work its magic on bumps and lines by smoothing them over. Making this bra a celebration for its unmatched sleek look. Have you been trying to find the most comfortable bra for large breasts that’ll look as amazing as it feels? Well, this is the one!


The combination of polyester and spandex is the real hero here, as it shapes and sculpts your figure. The leotard back keeps the signature honeycomb adjustable straps in place. Be aware that the straps are back-adjustable in order to ensure the seamless look under any types of tops or dresses. Lightly lined contour cups, invisible neckline and seamless sides offer a smooth look under the silkiest of blouses and all kinds of T-shirts.

Sounds like a dream, right? That’s not all. The soft fabric also comes in a variety of colors to suit your style needs.

However, with great material comes great responsibility. Be sure to hand wash or wash the bra on a gentle cycle to maintain the quality construction.


This bra’s comfortable banded frame offers great support while refraining from the all too familiar rubbing and digging into your flesh. The thicker cups provide coverage for a comfortable wear without the added bulk. Some may even use this gem as a sports bra too.

The durable elasticity makes this bra extremely reliable for a more demanding lifestyle.  It’ll tend to your exercise needs just as well as the more costly training bras. Hooray for multi-purpose comfort!

3. Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Let’s be real. Most of us have probably worn our sports bra once or twice on a night out or running everyday errands. I know I have! So we simply can’t talk about comfortable bras without mentioning a sports bra, which you can easily wear in everyday life.

This ultimate sports bra combines comfort and maximum support whilst fitting and feeling like a normal bra. This is hands down one of the most comfortable bras I have ever worn. It may not be the sexiest option, but for a sports bra it’s still pretty darn flattering.


The mix of polyamide, polyester and elastane material provides an exceptional freedom of movement. The breathable mesh panels keep your skin cool not only when working out. The bra also comprises a lightweight microfiber fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin.

As with most sports bras this one should be hand washed or washed on a gentle machine cycle.


Where do we start with this one?  First, the wide cushioned straps will evenly distribute pressure across your shouldersfor extra comfort. The underwires are wrapped in silicone and sewn between fabric layers for a comfortably supported bust.

Panache sports bras creators have really taken their time to understand all body type women's frustration when it comes to doing sports, which clearly is – bounce. Research backed by extensive tests using 3-D and biomechanical technology prove that Panache sports bra reduces bounce by 83%.

It is proven to reduce movement to all sides and comfortably hold your breasts at the same, normal shape. This is a fine combination of support, maximized comfort and seriously minimized bounce.

Rather than compressing your breasts to the point where you can’t breathe (like most sports bras), this one individually encapsulates each one to avoid the crushing uni-boob. The smooth cups expertly reduce friction whilst lifting, shapingand supporting from all angles.

Also, you still have the easy hooks at the back like a regular bra. You can now save yourself from having to pull that tricky elastic nightmare over your head! Let’s keep our hair tidy before we leave the house, shall we?

To ensure you get a hold of the perfect fit, follow the provided fitting guidelines and advice displayed on the website.

4. Wacoal La Femme Contour Bra

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Get ready for this absolute treat! This bra is the perfect mix between nylon comfort, lace styling and foam cups. Which, when we’re talking comfort–is a wonder trio. The Charlies Angels of bras. This comfortable, yet stylish bra is accented with a pleated bow front and center; just for a little extra femininity! Wacoal’s La Femme Contour bra is also conveniently sized up to an H cup. An ideal choice for the fuller woman looking for a well-designed everyday bra.


This bra (other than the decorative accents) is made from 100% nylon. This means you’ll be feeling the comfort and support of a sports bra while actually sporting your everyday go-to! Don't you love lace? The lace trim does a wonderful job of dressing it up a little. I know you may be thinking: “What if the lace trimming itches?”.  (Most of us have experienced some less than comfortable lace bras in our time.) Well, not to worry–the endless gleaming customer reviews say otherwise! Like most, be sure to hand wash this one. Such great quality deserves great care! By choosing Wacoal La Femme you will feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.


The uplifting embroidered frame re-sculpts to create a shapely bust line. This bra has also tackled a very common comfort problem. With a stretch leotard back and adjustable straps, this bad girl has no time for pesky strap-slipping as for big as for more narrow shoulders! The seamless contour cups in a luxurious stretch foam also offer enhanced support and provide the natural shaping you desire without a lot of padding.

With Wacoal La Femme dress confidently and don't worry about attracting too much attention to your bra on unwanted occasions, of course.

5. Warner's Lace Escape Wire-Free Contour Bra

Well, here we are back in the world of Warner’s! These comfortable bra-crafting experts have done it again. This time they’ve gone for super sleek meets super comfort. This lace covered bra is incredibly stylish while offering exceptional support. They’ve also gone minimal with the extra padding to offer a natural shape that you’ll love! With the added perk of front-adjustable straps, you’ll have no trouble at all adjusting to your perfect fit. Customers admit – this bra meets all their expectations – seamlessness, comfortable and non-slippery shoulder straps and the good fit that complements T-shirts.


This gal is made from 80% nylon and 20% spandex; stretch city! We all know—extra stretch, extra comfort. Most of us love a bit of the lacey look, though sometimes you can only pull it off under certain items of clothing. Luckily, this issue has been tackled by using a flat-lying lace material. No need to worry about that bumpy lace showing through your top! The chosen material together with the sexy lace will give you both - valid support as well as appealing looks.


Warner’s wire-free bra also features a back-smoothing fabric to eliminate the possibility of any bumps or bulges on your back. Leaving minimal unsightly red marks around your back and ribcage at the end of the day. The non-existent underwire also provides super comfort for any activity with a beautiful shape and fair lift. Nothing to dig into your tummy while sitting down—but still offering great support. This is the main feature that keeps customers coming back for more comforts with multiple purchases!

This Warner's bra will work perfectly with T-shirts as well as dresses for all body types.

6. Warner’s Cloud 9 Wire-Free Contour Bra

Hello Warner’s, my old friend… I’ve come to buy bras from you again!

Now I’m breaking into song. A comfy bra will do that to you.

This super soft, super comfortable work of art is exactly what you need to comfortably hide the girls under your t-shirt. Offering a full coverage cup and perfectly adequate padding; this is an excellent everyday bra.

To add to this list of comfy attributes, it’s also wire-free! The greatness doesn’t stop there. Warner’s choices of fabric are taking comfort levels even higher.


With a combination of polyester and elastane, it’s no wonder this bra is celebrated for its luxurious comfort. The super soft fabric is incredibly gentle against the skin, leaving no red marks or irritation. Though the perks don’t stop here- drum roll please… It’s fully machine washable!


While style-wise it’s free from frills and extras, they’ve put all their effort into crafting pure softness and comfort. Featuring light contour cups for full comfort and support, convenient front-adjustable straps and a wire-free fit; this bad girl is perfect for everyday (or every night) use. That’s right, we have a sleep bra on our hands. We all know it’s not easy to find a bra comfortable enough to sleep in–but look no further. This gem has got it covered!

This bra ticks all the boxes – front-adjustable straps, machine washable and wire-free – all in all, this is a new standard to comfort. It is designer too look and feel good, while also eliminating the one-boob or flattened chest look. The fabric feels as light as thin air, same as wearing and taking care of it - no worrisome at all.

7. Bali Comfort Revolution Shaping Wirefree Bra

Get ready for ultimate comfort! This intelligently designed bra has got it sorted. With a 4-way stretch microfiber; it’s just begging to shape you. The foam cups are lightly padded for a little added modesty to size. The U-shaped stitchingunder each breast provides much more of a lift than most bralettes. This bra also comes in a huge range of colors, perfectly camouflaging itself under any colored top!


Mostly comprising nylon with a little added spandex worked in for stretch, this bra has reached an excellent combination for stretch and durability. The super smooth fabric won’t catch the material of your clothes, no matter what you wear.

On top of this, the side straps are made from a 2-ply fabric; ensuring no unsightly bulges under your clothes. This is a bra will require hand-washing to maintain quality of the material, but we think it’s worth the extra effort!


This innovative style features special knit-in zones to provide a targeted support and super easy fit! Super fit means super comfort—AND another sleep bra! We’re spoiled for choices now ladies!

The Bali bra perfectly fits with T-shirts, both loose and less loose T-shirts as it gives an impression you are wearing a tank top or a tee underneath. It might become your favorite thing, truly. You kind of feel like wearing a sports bra taken the comfort and ease, although you are wearing a real but fashionable bra. This is a revolution in comfort and style.

Another one of the features worth mentioning are the elastic straps. I know non-adjustable sounds like a nightmare, but Bali really have this design all figured out. The stretch is generous enough for max comfort, but not loose enough to slip off your shoulders! While also eliminating the discomfort of rings and sliders digging into your shoulder blades.

8. Panache Tango Balconette

Let me start off by saying this bra is BEAUTIFUL. While we are focusing on the most comfortable bras, this stylish piece is as comfy as it is sexy! Looks aside, the Panache Tango Balconette bra absolutely deserves its place on this list of comfort.

The cradle shape gives a comfortable support around the body, making it ideal for the curvier woman. However, the range of measurements ensures a great fit for almost any shape and size! This stylish bra also stands out with its metallic stitch-in pattern work. Just because we’re on a mission for comfort; doesn’t mean we can’t satisfy our fashion needs!


Quality all around! You can tell there had been a lot of thought put into this design. It’s comprising a total of three main fabrics. Polyamide, Polyester and Elastane. There’s that magic word; elastane. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

While the patterns on the outside may not work for the smoothest look under a t-shirt, the inside material is exceptionally soft against the skin. Leaving no irritation or discomfort. This bra may be suitable for a gentle machine wash—but best to take the extra time to hand wash. We don’t want to go compromising the quality!

This Panache Tango bra comes in different colors for different sizes. Taken that it might not always be best for a see through T-shirt, if you have got it in you – we believe it can become fashionable, too.


Now, let’s get to the comfy stuff. The cleverly designed three-section Balconette bra has lined cups for super support and a little extra lift! It also features a power mesh wing for that added comfort in the higher sizes; which conveniently ranges all the way up to a K cup! This bra also comes with fully adjustable straps—just to take it to the next level. This best-seller is really changing the comfort game. Support and up-lift all in one!

9. Freya Fancies Underwire Longline Bra

Yes, we’re aware this bra is sleek and stylish—No, we haven’t forgotten that you’re after super comfort! Just like the Panache Tango Balconette, this Freya Fancies bra has oh-so generously provided us with both. The soft-foam padded cups provide a super soft fit while looking stylish in a wide range of colors. You can wear this baby on a night out while feeling sexy AND extremely comfortable. What more could we want? How about an impressive fabric combo…


Nylon and elastane, our durable and stretchy friends. We see this combination often while looking for the most comfortable bra. This isn’t a coincidence, it just works! The two fabrics seem to be the best of friends, and their favorite thing to do is to provide comfort for us. We recommend a handwash for this one. Even though it’s made of durable fabrics, we wouldn’t want to risk the quality in that aggressive washing machine.


This scallop-shaped cup provides an excellent support for the chestier of ladies. While we are working with an underwire here, we’ve done enough research into customer reviews to determine this is a rarely comfortable underwire! Also, you can enjoy multiple hooks and eye rows for a smooth back. This has really been highly rated and appreciated by customers, especially for the chestier of ladies. Feel confident, attractive and well supported wherever you go!

This bra has such excellent reviews all mentioning how soft and comfy it is to wear. With no mention of uncomfortable underwire. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me! The incredibly comfortable Freya Fancies bra has also been made with soft foam cups and adjustable straps for the perfect mix of coverage, softness and support. Functional and sexy – simple as that!

10. Coobie Seamless V-Neck with Lace Bra

Last but certainly not least, this is a bit of a special one-The Coobie Seamless Scoopneck. I personally have a few of these as my go-to’s. The seamless construct provides an almost non-existent and comfortable feel while still maintaining support.

This is why these bras are popular among post augmentation patients. If a bra is capable of providing comfort for something as painful as post-augmentation then every day comfort is almost too easy for this baby! This perfect t-shirt bra also comes in a range of 50 colors. Starting from neutral tones to fun tie-die looks it will suit all your styling needs.


One of our favorite combos; the ultra-soft nylon and spandex blend. These two clever fabrics are here to be your best friend! The stretch in this material makes this bra perfect for your everyday activities. This bra will provide the best support as well as significantly enhance the shape due to its stretchiness and softness. Ranging from an all-day work bra to a great sports bra it will also be perfect for the gym or yoga! Machine washing is fine, as long as you keep it on a gentle cycle. It’s also recommended that the tie-dye option is cold washed. Also, worth mentioning that the straps are easily adjustable as well as removable.


The Coobie Seamless Bra is renowned for its expert comfortability, making it one of the most popular comfortable bras out there! One size almost fits everybody, which I know must be hard to believe! Though, they’re really not kidding… The soft and stretchy fabric means this bra is actually capable of fitting anywhere between a 32A to a 36D. Genius isn’t it!?

If you don’t believe it, just read the endless bright reviews! They are all seamless, so we have no hooks or clasps to deal with. Each bra also has removable, reversable padding to suit the occasion. The pads are easy to take out and replace, while remaining perfectly in place throughout the day. For that we should thank the the smart placement of the prosthetics pockets. Tons of reviews highlight the special comfort for small-chested women. And be aware – this might become your perfect alternative to your everyday bra!

So, to sum up; we have extreme comfort, convenience, versatility, softness and durability. As well as the chance to complement your cute and at the same time simple new bra with T-shirts or jackets, both sports and everyday wear. See what I mean? Last but certainly not least!

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What to Pay Attention to While Looking for a Comfortable Bra

  1. Fit
    Finding the perfect bra is essential for feeling comfortable and supported. So, let’s begin with the fit. Besides creating a lovely cleavage, a good fitting bra means you’ll have a better posture, relief from back pain and comfort with no pinching, rubbing or digging in.
    Even though it can feel exasperating, it’s worth the time to take your own measurements before ordering a bra online. Most (if not all) websites will have a size guide. We recommend you read it very carefully and gain an understanding of the sizes to make sure you order the perfect fitting bra for your shape and size.
  2. Band Size
    We can’t talk about fit without mentioning one of the main reasons behind a misfit—the band and its size. Your bra should always sit horizontally around your body to prevent any uncomfortable or unflattering shaping. Another example of how taking your measurements can be handy.
  3. Material
    Every now and then we can be a little dismissive of the fabric type if the bra fits well. However, it’s safe to say that choosing the right material is more of a responsibility than desire. Depending on how often you wear it and how it’s washed-the average bra can last for a very long time before getting stretched out. Though, it helps to invest in a reliable and comfortable fabric to get the most comfort and longevity out of your new bra.
  4. Style
    Style-wise, we can get a little lost in looks over comfort. Remember, not all that glitters is gold. While it is important to feel sexy from time to time, we cannot forget the importance of comfortability. Luckily, there is a huge range of bras out there now. So now you don’t have to settle for a bra that makes you feel not-so-good about yourself. It’s very possible to find a size and shape to flatter your chest, without the discomfort!

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