We Tried Boob Tape and It Actually Works

Boob Tape Cover
We have all heard of boob tape. Now it’s time to find out how to use it. How many times have you tried a dress or top that you LOVE, yet put back because you don’t have the right bra? It’s not your fault you don’t have the right undergarment. The right bras for certain plunge-neck or backless dresses simply don’t exist! What chance do we have? Well, here it is; boob tape!

It sounds uncomfortable and inconvenient. Turns out it’s incredibly simple and easy.  Not to mention surprisingly effective. This is exactly why the most fashion-forward stars like Kim Kardashian and Jessie J are taping their breasts. This technique allows you to use a tape of your choice to completely replace your bra. Still not impressed? Did we mention applying it takes practically no time? Taping your boobs doesn’t even have to interfere with your usual glam-up routine.

What Boob Tape Should I Use?

There are many variations of tapes and multiple ways of applying them. We’ll start with finding the best boob tapes before we learn how to apply them. Kim Kardashian says almost any tape will do. This queen has tried all kinds, but from her own experience she swears by gaffer tape, as it’s the strongest and least likely to fail.  As far as ‘what not to use’, extensive research tells us that duct tape is not our friend. So, steer clear of duct tape, ladies!

Boob Tape Cover

Gaffer tape

This is definitely the strongest tape, but be aware that it may irritate your skin. It’s always a good idea to do a patch test before completely taping your chest. If you feel no irritation, then gaffer tape is an excellent choice. Of course, we want to be sure that our boob tape will stay in place all night. So why not go for the strongest? I know I wouldn’t want any surprising-slips!

Keep in mind, it is VERY IMPORTANT not to confuse duct tape with gaffer tape. Duct tape, by design is a permanent tape used for construction and repairs. You do not want it on your skin.

Gaffers Cloth Tape


Sports tape

If gaffer tape causes irritation to your skin, sports tape may just be for you. It’s commonly used by athletes and often applied by physical therapists to help with healing injuries. Sports tape is already made for direct application to skin so it’s gentler for those with sensitive skin types. Though, don’t mistake it’s gentleness for weakness. Sports tape will still hold in the girls!

Athletic Tape


If you’re unsure on which will work best for you, it’s a great idea to try both before you commit to a night out.

Double-sided flash tape

Last but not least; Double-sided flash tape. This tape is specifically made to close the gap between buttons on a top. This ensures your top doesn’t fly open to expose the girls. It also works for any low-cut dresses that might be a little more revealing.

Braza Tape


How To Tape Your Breasts


Clean your skin to make sure it is not oily, as this will interfere with the boob tape sticking properly to your skin. Definitely avoid moisturizer or any oily products before you apply the tape.

Taping for low-cut dresses

First, cut a strip of tape roughly 13 inches long, or simply measure the length from the bottom of your breast to the back of your shoulder. Start taping from the outside of your breasts. Lift each breast as you begin to tape from underneath, pulling the tape up toward the back of your shoulder. Repeat the process by adding more strips toward the middle of each breast to cover the nipple. Sculpt as you go, until it looks and feels right.

Here is a video tutorial to help you with the taping:

Taping for a strapless or backless dress

This time you will use the boob tape right below your breasts. Starting from the bottom, add each strip layer by layer until your breasts are secure. Using this approach, you can also slightly lift them as you’re applying the tape. When you’re finished, you should have perfectly covered breasts that will stay safe from nip-slips and free from unsightly straps.

Here is an excellent video showing you how it’s done:

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Things To Be Aware Of…

Taping your breasts may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s good to be aware of certain mishaps that can occur. So, what should you be wary of while taping your boobs?

Applying the tape too tight

This will primarily lead to discomfort. You can avoid this by not applying too much tape and not too tightly. Furthermore, doing so may restrict blood flow and a few hours can be enough to induce some form of internal injury. This is a rare scenario, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Applying the tape too loosely

I think it’s pretty obvious what happens here. Either you don’t achieve your desired look, and feel less-than fab all night, OR the girls have a night out of their own when they’re supposed to be grounded! We don’t want either, especially the latter.

Skin irritation

As we mentioned before, it’s a great idea to do some patch testing. You can do this by cutting out a small piece of your chosen tape and applying it to your skin. The skin on your boobs is quite clearly different to the skin on the outer parts of your body. Somewhere like your forearm may be a little tougher, so it’s probably not a good indication. As unpleasant as it may be, it’s a better idea to apply a patch to your breast or somewhere with a similar skin type. This is highly suggested if you’re using gaffer tape or any other industrial tape. No problems should occur if you are using the tapes designed for on skin.

Improper occasion

This is important. Consider the temperature before you go out with your beats taped. If you’re getting ready for hot weather that’ll have you sweating, then please re-think the boob tape! The same applies to general exercise, I can’t imagine you’ll need to tape your breasts for a trip to the gym, but if you’re thinking of doing it—don’t! 

Ready to tape?

Try testing before your event. You don’t want to get stuck trying to make it your boobs work while you’re supposed to be out the door. Put some time aside to practice taping your breasts so you can get the hang of it before the occasion. The more you practice, the better. Who knows, you might even pioneer your very own technique!

There you have it, gal pals. Happy taping!

Published: January 19, 2019

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