Ladies, it is more than clear that finding the best bra for small breasts that fits every occasion is a real struggle. Be it a comfortable lightly lined everyday bra that gives you a nicer, rounder shape, a supportive sports bra, the padded push-up bra for a dress that should show cleavage even if nature has not awarded you with the most definite curves, the bandeau bra for your strapless dress that won’t slip off when you lift up your hands or that particularly hot and sexy bralette for that special night with your boyfriend – it takes great effort to find THE ONE. After a lot of trial and error, we have found the best bras for small busts for every occasion to help you in the search of the perfect bra just for you.

Lightly padded everyday bras for small boobs

It is easy to feel rather girly and kind of unfeminine when you see that all the lightly padded everyday bras for not particularly voluminous boobs (and by ‘not particularly voluminous’ I mean AAA, AA and A cups) can be bought only in the pre-teens or teens section with silly hearts or the Daisy Duck print on them. Besides the print and general unattractiveness of such bras, another issue is the fit. That gap between the cups and your chest or, vice versa, cups so tight that they make your already small chest even flatter and straps that constantly slip off your shoulders is simply annoying and uncomfortable. After receiving raving and, I’ll be honest here, surprisingly positive feedback from absolutely delighted women we found that the Limitless Wirefree Bra is the best choice when looking for a bra for small breasts.

What’s so great about it? The company specializes in creating different types of bras for petite women with smaller busts and narrow shoulders that support your breasts, leave no gaps between the cup and your actual boobs and have versatile adjustable straps that will not slip off your shoulders while you are going round and about your daily activities. The ladies who tried this bra admit that it is certainly not the cheapest choice out there. However, it was unanimously and decided that this was worth every penny spent. The bra (Hurray, finally!) looks like an adult bra, which although is quite simple, has a nice lace detail in the back and the softest fabric to make the wearing experience even more pleasant. But the best thing about the bra is that your breasts do not look fake as it often happens with more heavily padded bras and the boobs were also not too pressed down – it gives a nice lift to what you have, rounds up the shape to give it a natural look and just fits perfectly – there is no gapping, the band is firm, but not too tight, and the cups are available even for such breast sizes as AAA. Altogether, almost all of our ladies found the bra to be perfect but advised to keep in mind that measurements should be taken precisely to prevent the shoulder straps from slipping off.

Best push-up bras for A cup

Okay, for everyday wear a lightly padded bra is just what’s necessary. However, when there is a special occasion which calls for a fancy dress that shows cleavage when you have none… Ugh, right? If you want to enhance your small breasts by one cup size or just slightly enhance the looks of your cleavage in a dress, there are so many aspects to be kept in mind that sometimes you just wish to give up in the search for the perfect bra. The first thing, of course, is that it has to be comfortable with fitting cups and straps don’t slip off. Second aspect of importance is that it has to look nice as well. But mostly, you want to look natural and not like a girl in her early teens on her first date who has stuffed socks in the cups of a bra stolen from mom.

Once again we looked into what companies have to offer for women with a small bust and we think that the situation with push-up bras for small breasts is not as bleak as it initially seemed. We found this Victoria's Secret Wear Everywhere Push-Up Bra.

It has a nice, kind of sexy design with wide variety of color choices. However, with this bra you have to be careful to match the width of dress straps with the bra straps since they are not very narrow. Nevertheless, all the ladies who wore this were happy with their choice because it looked natural, the straps provided comfort and the pink cup and black lace detail design was both cute and sexy. Moreover, the material is comfortable to wear.

If the event where you wish to show off your cleavage is really special and you are feeling a bit extra, La Perla is there for you with its Souple Push Up Bra with Lace Wings.

Surely, it is expensive, but if the event is really special and you are wearing a difficult dress, why not? The ladies who tried it appreciated the cups that are slightly set apart so you’d be able to show off more of your goodies in a very revealing dress. The cups are padded, but they look natural in a dress and the straps are more than versatile allowing you to wear a backless dress as well.

Small breasts also need a supporting sports bra when exercising

Sports bra for small breasts

After a few hours of unsuccessful and exhaustive sports bra shopping with your BFF, to whom nature (or the plastic surgeon) has been more generous to in the breast area, and who also happens to be your mate in the yoga and Zumba classes, it is no surprise to hear the phrase: ‘Why do you even need the sports bra? There’s barely anything there!’. And sometimes even the small busted ladies themselves consider that they don’t need a sports bra for small boobs and rely on regular bras or, even worse, just a gym shirt. However, if you are following that line of thought, let me stop you right there. Obviously, you might not need as much support as your friend with larger breasts, but a sports bra is still a necessity because even the smallest boobs bounce during that torturous cardio. Besides, breast sweat seeping through your shirt is definitely not what you want. There, of course, is this thing that sports bras are compressive which might make your bust look flat, however, with the right padding your nipples wont be visible to everyone in the gym and it will give your ladies a nice, round look. For choosing the right sports bra we suggest to keep to sportswear companies which, although not necessarily make their sports bras for ladies with a smaller bust, know what they are doing and specialize in meeting all the needs that might occur while being physically active and staying comfortable during the process. The best choice we found is the Under Armour Sports Bra which comes in plenty of different colors.

It is reviewed as versatile, not too compressing so your breasts do not look flat, but just supporting enough to keep you comfortable during your activities. However, it does not have padding so there is a chance that your nipples might be slightly visible although none of the ladies who used this product complained about such an issue.

Best bralettes for small boobs

I think it has become pretty clear that bralettes, both for smaller and larger breasts, are now a must-have in every wardrobe. However, you wear a bra in a size that, when spoken about, is more associated with young teenage girls rather than a grown woman and it seems that many bra companies have forgotten that us, ladies, come in all shapes and sizes and we want to wear bras that are more on the sexy and sensual side rather then the practical one when preparing for a special night with a boyfriend or a husband. So we found several sexy (and comfortable) bralettes that will enhance your sensuality and will make your partners mouth water. One of these bras is Cosabella bralette:

It will meet all the needs of your inner fashionista and it is in a romantic blush color which is a trend of this year. Moreover, the nicely embroidered, and slight detail softens the overall look which is what prevents the bralette from looking vulgar or cheap. Another very intimate bralette, if you prefer more classiness in your wardrobe, is another bralette by Cosabella – Savona Curvy Longline Bralette:

It is sheer, black lace that will emphasize your small breasts and straps will give you a delicate look, the clasp is a bit large but not too complicated so it will be quite easy to take it off. 😉 Complete the look with a sexy thong and, voila, your date night will be a success!

Bandeau bras for your strapless clothing

Every now and then a bandeau bra is necessary for small breasts too. First off, in summer time and the warm nights it’s nice to wear a strapless dress or a top to show off your shoulders and not bother with annoying bra straps that are slipping off constantly. However, to find a bandeau bra that stays in place and gives support in all the right nooks and crannies is a real struggle. Nevertheless, it is worth to invest time in finding the one since we all know that the times of those awful “invisible” plastic bra straps have long passed for good! So what is important to pay attention to is that the bandeau bra you are buying has a silicone lining, rather than just an elastic to hold the bra in place. A bra with an elastic might be uncomfortable if it is too tight and grazes into your skin, but a silicone detail helps to avoid slippage be sort of sticking to your skin. A good bandeau bra model we found for small breasts was b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s Lace Kiss Bandeau Bra which is pretty basic.

However, the fact that is made of lace compensates it by making the bandeau sexy and what is great that it is lined with silicone. It must be noted though that this exact model is see-through and it is not padded. However, some of the ladies tried Cosabella Women’s Never Say Never Flirtie Bandeau and the reviews were great since it had all of the good qualities as the Wacoal bandeau but it was not see-through and comes in a variety of colors.

Now that we have some examples of the best bras for small breasts set out for you, the situation doesn’t seem so bleak, does it? It turns out that there is a bra for every occasion that will meet all the needs of small-busted ladies – proper support, nice and a bit sexy designs, and a level of comfort with straps that do not slip off and with none-gapping cups. And even more, there are push-up bras for small breasts that allow you show cleavage with a padding that doesn’t make your boobs look fake. I hope these tips and examples will help you, too, because I have finally (and I say it with a huge sigh of relief) found the best bra for myself. Good luck with finding the right ONE for you!