Do you have that one dress or tricky outfit in your closet that you still haven’t dared putting on, because of its incredibly low or non-existent back? Or perhaps you have tried wearing it and are just tired of constantly hoisting up your backless bra to stop it from exposing your prized possessions. Well then this is the article for you, because we are going on a quest to find the best of the best backless bra whilst also going through alternative, even DIY options to make wearing your backless dress or top as easy as any other.

What is a backless bra?

Comparing to other bra types, backless bras haven’t been around that long. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to find the perfect one for your backless outfit without cursing at the bra gods. Undetectable, creating a natural shape, easy on the nips, perfect for also big sizes are some of our criteria’s in the search for the best backless bras. Similar to their not so distant cousins — halter and strapless bras, backless bras also don’t have any straps, but in addition they also don’t have a back, or it can be a really low one, or practically invisible.

Do backless bras really work?

One of the eternal questions surrounding backless bras is — do they actually work? The answer is quite simple — yes, they should work for everyone given that you’re in the correct size and you chose it for the right occasion. If you’re thinking of finally putting on your most impressive backless dress for a night out dancing, DIY tape or nipple pasties may be the more suitable choice (keep scrolling to read more about that), however for more subdued events like weddings, graduations, balls or maybe just everyday life when you decide to put on an open back, halter dress or top there are plenty of amazing backless bras to support you (pun intended). So, let’s dive in and hope at the bottom of the backless bra ocean we’ll find some real pearls.

The Best Backless Bra — Instagram Famous Magic Bra

Even one of the most famous big busted celebrities Coco Austin has attested to this bra. How does it work? There’s a drawstring in between two sticky cups that you can pull to regulate the lift that you want. The stickiness is on point, and get this, there’s a special cut out for your nipples, so taking it off will be as painless as putting it on. What really puts the perfect in this bra is that it doesn’t feel sticky, sweaty or icky and really gives that extra oomph even for bigger breasts! Of course considering this is a strap free bra, like any strapless or backless bra you should expect less support than that of a regular bra, however taking that in consideration it still does its job impeccably, and provides considerable support for your breasts. Despite some hearsay that you should purchase it one size smaller, for the best results you should stick to your own size. For now this is one of the best and most popular backless bras on the market.

NuBra Seamless Adhesive Bra

NuBra Seamless adhesive bra comes in sizes up to DD and is very sticky meaning it will hoist and hold up your girls perfectly, however the removal will be a bit less pleasant than Holisouse Invisible Bra. Based on some reviews it lasts even up to 5 years, so it is an investment worth thinking about. Lightweight cups make it perfect for wearing day-to-day with any outfit especially halter or low-back outfits. As with the Holisouse Invisible Bra it has a center clasp for adjustable cleavage enhancement and it is skin friendly as well, for those of you with a sensitive skin. As mentioned earlier it works wonderfully if you’re not doing anything rigorous, and you can even wear it on hot days, sweat is no obstacle for this backless bra.

U-Plunge Backless Bra

If you are going for something more daring than a usual backless dress and want to show not only your back, but also your cleavage, a u-plunge backless bra could be the right fit for you. This bra will make sure to cover and support your breasts whilst still leaving little to the imagination in the front AND back. It will effectively lift the bust (more so for smaller sizes) whilst also creating a sexy and natural V-shape breast and providing you with an amazing breast curve, without looking like Madonna circa 1990 Blond Ambition tour (ahem, the cone bra). Although we all know Jean Paul Gaultier is a fashion genius I doubt my work colleagues, for example, would understand my brazen fashion statement. I still have to add that some problems may come from the clear adhesive wings on the sides that may be better for low-cut not backless dresses or tops. In any case, this is still one of the best backless U-plunge bras, for both smaller and bigger sizes.

Nipple Covers

In case you can’t decide what bra to wear with your backless dress and think of going au naturel or you are just one of those rare unicorns with already perky enough breasts, nipple covers Nippies Skin are the best solution for you. Consisting of a show through design meaning it won’t reflect any sort of light even a camera flash, washable and reusable, and available in 3 skin tones this is many celebrity go-to. It may be a bit pricier than the average nipple pasties or backless bras, however the quality is worth the price. Also a good enough motivation for you to buy these could be the knowledge that some of your favorite movie stars trust these as their red carpet fashion secret.

Low Back Bra Converter

Backless bra converters can transform even your most favorite bra into a backless bra. In case you don’t have time to shop for any bras, or you just don’t trust buying adhesive bras online without having tried them on this will be your new most prized possession. The long and adjustable straps are also great for plus sizes. If you want to save some time, money and headache this is the perfect solution for you. Just attach the converter to your favorite bra, wrap the strap around your stomach and your bra band will be lowered by 5 inches in a matter of seconds.

DIY — Tape Your Breasts

If you’re not new to this blog you may have already read our other article dedicated to this topic, if not you can check it out here. For the lazy ones here’s a one sentence summary — essentially you make your own customized bra out of tape, in this case the Fashion Boob Tape. A convenient fumble-free dispenser with crack and peel liner, makes it easy to put it in your bag with you anywhere you go. I would say it is hands down more practical than the usual gaffer tape and would most likely evoke less questions. The 30 ft. double sided roll with safe medical grade adhesive is known to get its job done as well as gaffer tape, only now you don’t have to worry about a skin rash from an adhesive meant to hold inanimate objects. What’s even better is that it is waterproof, so in case you are at a party with pool and some guy named Dick (we all know at least one of them, not necessarily named Dick) decides to throw you in the pool as a joke, you will still emerge from the water in your backless dress with head held high and cleavage to die for. In a more practical and realistic scenario it will be your best friend even when sweating. This tiny sucker will hold on tight and not let water or sweat affect its hold! It is clear and easy to disguise under, may it be a halter dress, backless dress or just under your swimsuit or tank top.

Low-Back Shapewear

I’m pretty sure this wonder suit is why Wonder Woman always looks on point. It shapes your curves, smooth’s everything and even though it is meant more for low cut not backless outfits, for everyday use this is perfect. It looks classy and honestly I wouldn’t even mind wearing it as an impromptu swimsuit. The cling free fabric will erase all your worries about looking good and correcting your outfit all the time, and your tummy, waist and back will look smooth and flattering. The only problem I can think about is the same as with rompers — attending the bathroom in this, especially in public places. Also I can’t help not imagining Bridget Jones wearing something similar to one of her outings, so if you are just as big of a fan of hers as I am, be sure to try this out. It may be a bit more expensive than just a usual backless bra, however you will get your money’s worth with this. It has detachable straps as well as clear plastic straps that will work when placed as a halter or criss-cross and the shapewear part is an added bonus especially for dresses prone to showing imperfections.

Woman in a backless dress

Taking off your bra after a long, tiring day…

You know those funny quotes about bras that hit too close to home, like “Happiness is taking off your bra after a long, tiring day”. Believe me, I know that feeling, that’s why for this article I searched through and through for the best backless bras, that you forget you’re even wearing. Here’s to hoping at least one of these will become best friends with your backless outfit and give you that Hollywood $7000 breast lift effect for mere $20 and without causing any headaches.