Have you ever felt that something is incorrect with the look of your boobs while wearing a sports bra? For example, that they look like one massive boob? Luckily, you have come to the right place. I have a feeling this article will help you to avoid the problem.

What is uniboob?

Uniboob is a condition when breasts are not separated and look like one large boob. Most of times it is caused by sports bras – they do not have a traditional bra structure since it has neither cups nor any kind of separation for breasts. Moreover, if the bra is too small for you, there is a bigger chance that uniboob will be there. And, most of the victims here are large-breasted women.

However, there is one more, a more serious type of the problem – symmastia. It is pretty rare, but it can be inherited or acquired after breast surgery. Read more about it below.

What is wrong with it?

Let’s start with the comfort. First, there are two breasts and, obviously, each one needs space. But if boobs are squeezing all the time, it will cause inconvenience.

Second, sweat tends to get worse if the uniboob appears. Of course, everyone understands that doing sports means sweating. If the two girls are pushed together all the time, more sweat will affect you. Who would want that?

It is a fact that yeast infections can be acquired because of the uniboob. The reason is simple – breasts are not supported the way they should be. The main causes of yeast infections are too much sweat and moisture in the breast area. And that can happen because of the uniboob. This includes one more problem – rashes. When working out, boobs will most likely be bouncing around. So, with that kind of moves and being unseparated it may leave some scars.

Another reason why women feel discomforted is the look of the uniboob. What’s there to like about one large boob instead of two? Luckily, we have options to get rid of that.

What are the solutions?

Nowadays we have a wide choice of bras, which give us comfort and support even when working out. Why struggle with discomfort?

Before I get to the chosen products, let’s talk about the features of satisfying sports bras which will not give you the look of a uniboob.

First of all, a bra with any kind of separation for each boob will definitely help. There are many kinds of these separations – a bra with cups, encapsulated bra, contour bra.

A bra, which is like a top you can just roll over your head most probably is the one giving you the uniboob. And this leads us to another tip of how to avoid of the uniboob look – a bra with closure.

Yes, the closure may seem as something that should not be in sports bra to give your back a comfort. But this is the 21stcentury and supportive back or front closures have been made. Why closure? To regulate the size. Many women struggle because of the size of the bra – if it is too small, it can give the look of an uniboob. Keep reading and don’t worry – the best products are chosen and listed below.

Going on with the topic about size – do not wear a minimizer bra if you are planning to avoid the uniboob. While working out, a minimizer bra can be a nightmare. Boobs are bouncing and touching all the time, thus giving the uniboob look. It does not feel comfortable and, girl, it’s not the look you want to have!. Also, it may cause the previously mentioned consequences such as sweating and rashes.

Another, less important feature is the v-neck structure of the bra. It can help because of the contour, however, sometimes women prefer the full coverage, which is totally understandable.

Also, compression bras can help. These are recommended after breast surgery; however, it won’t harm you if you use them as your sports bra.

Sports bra e-card

Glamorise Full Figure No Bounce Sports Bra

This one has a bounce control, which allows working out with no restrictions – you can jump how much you want to. Back closure, which was described above, will ensure the perfect fit. And don’t be worried, the straps are wide and soft, so they won’t bother you.

The Glamorise bra has full coverage and therefore it is great for large breasts.

Wacoal Underwire Sport Bra

A bra with cups – to keep the breasts separated. It has a back closure, supportive back wings and wide straps. Unlike the previous bra, the Wacoal bra does not have full coverage. It has a v-neck structure, which is one of the previously mentioned features.

Most of women who had worn the bra, emphasize that it avoids the uniboob. And that’s what we are looking for, right?

Playtex Play Outgoer Wirefree Full Coverage Bra

The Playtex bra does its job by avoiding uniboob with its v-neck structure, back closure and cups. It provides full support with the soft and elastic straps and wide back wings. This one also has a light padding.

However, there can be issues with sizing. Just make sure that you know your true bra size.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra

The Panache bra does not have cups but it is an encapsulated bra. For those who do not prefer cups in sports bra but still want to avoid the uniboob – this is it! This one for sure will provide comfort and keep your  breasts separated and in place.

Many reviewers find the bra as their favorite one and have even purchased it more than one time. It is suitable also for any other activities and so it can be worn on a daily basis.


Moving on to a more serious problem, which is not only the look of uniboob but will actually reshape your breasts into a one. If you are considering getting a boob job, the following information might be useful.

Symmastia is a condition when breasts grow together with no or little gap between them. There can be different stages of the condition – sometimes it is less noticeable, sometimes more. It can be both congenital and acquired.

It is very rare to be born with symmastia. It is more likely that a woman acquires it by doing breast reconstruction surgery. It happens when the breast implants are put too closely together. And sometimes the reason might even be a surgical mistreatment during the implantation.

Truth is, inherent symmastia does not raise any serious health problems. But, of course, the look of uniboob can be discomforting and that is why cosmetic reasons most commonly take over medical issues when one goes for a boob job.

The reality show TV star Charlotte Crosby was born with symmastia, or more known as uniboob. She reveals that it goes together with a certain feeling of insecurity.

Here’s Charlotte’s Instagram post where she shares her experience:

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Feel your breasts for the weekend!!! 💕Seriously girls regularly checking your breasts for lumps or changes could save your life..... as you all may no by now I’m feeling lighter literally and so happy to be back to my normal boobs... implants were not something I ever really thought about or wanted in fact as a teenager I loved my breasts and embraced my congenital symastia a little gift from @letitia.crosby but over time the trolling comments about my cleavage (or lack of it) started to wear me down and eventually I decided to try and get my Symastia repaired....Having implants put in at the same time is not the cleverest thing I’ve ever done 🙈 The symastia repair was doomed from the start. When experiencing pains in my left breast I decided to put my trust in @elitesurgical dr Hassan who had previously preformed my rhinoplasty, he didn’t do my original breast surgery but the girls holly and Sophie couldn’t of spoke any higher of him and his breast expertise. Me and dr Hassan still had a great relationship and I got straight in touch. From start to finish what was a very worrying and scary time for me for so many reasons my experience was made completely comfortable and I’m now following all of Dr Hassan’s instructions to the letter and I am so happy with the results and how they are healing, my symastia is also looking the best it’s ever looked..... I do regret having them done in the first place but life’s too short and I am too blessed so I’ll shake my little tits in the face of regrets .... 🙌🏼❤️ I’ve received so so so many messaged since the op the most amazing compliments and lots of questions I will try my best to get through all my DM’s But please I urge you if you are thinking about breast corrective surgery or an implant removal or anything surgical for that matter of fact please always do your research in finding a trusted surgeon. 💕 www.elitesurgical.co.uk Bikini - @inthestyle 👙

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How to fight with it?

Unfortunately, the problem cannot be solved without a surgery. Although, there are many kinds of operations and so you can find the most suitable for you. For example, congenital symmastia can be effectively treated, combining liposuction, skin fixation to sternum, and postoperative intermammary compression. More information here.

Be sure about the doctor you choose and make sure that he or she has done something similar in the past. As it was mentioned below, uniboob can be a consequence of incorrect boob job – done by a surgeon.

Don’t do anything until your boobs have stopped growing. Meanwhile, just see that you choose the bra that suits you the best. And the main thing – be sure that your health is prepared to that kind of surgery.

After surgery you may need to wear a compression bra for a while. Although, these bras are also used by many women with no symmastia since they give the best comfort. Let’s take look at some compression bras.

WANAYOU Zip Front Sports Bra

Glamorise Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

The biggest difference between the two chosen compression bras are the closures – Glamorise’s bra has the back closure, but the Wanayou’s bra has the front closure.

These two are suitable for any kind of workout and are great for plus size ladies.

The Glamorise bra includes “Bounce control” – the breathable, adjustable mesh front panel features four different levels of bounce control and also adjustable straps to get the pain off your neck. Meanwhile, the Wanayou bra has removable pads.

It seems that there is a solution to avoid the one large breast – either for symmastia or just the look.

Avoiding the look of uniboob can definitely be solved by choosing the right bra by following the previously mentioned features. For sure, the chosen bras and recommended features will make your workout enjoyable, sweat-less and will give you unrestricted freedom. Have fun!