Back fat can be a serious problem sometimes since it can bring uncomfortable feelings. For example, wearing a tight or light shirt does not seem cute if the back fat is visible through the shirt. And sometimes finding the right size for your bra seems hard enough, so you give up on hiding the back fat. Even though you have finally found the right size, the back fat can appear because of the material or the structure of the bra.

Ever feel uncomfortable with your back fat? Looking for a 360 perfection? These 7 back smoothing bras are totally life changing.

What are back smoothing bras?

Let’s be honest – the struggle is real with back bulges. Do not blame yourself, just choose the right bra.

As you can tell by the name – the function of the bra is to smooth your back and to give a total support. It means that neither the back fat will come out, nor strips pinching through in order to make the back look nice and smooth. Because of the close fitting the bra hides perfectly under tight clothes. The material of the bra is elastic and soft and the straps are wide, so it feels comfortable.

Features of a great smoothing bra

First, let’s talk about the material. Most of the bras are made from nylon, spandex, or polyester. All these the materials are elastic, soft and sturdy at the same time. Some women even say they don’t feel the bra or forget that they are wearing it. The bra doesn’t annoy you or make you uncomfortable. As mentioned above, it gives 100% support.

Have you ever felt pinching or hurting because of the wire of the bra or the straps?

The back-smoothing bra consists of wide and soft back wings, which, finally, do not dig in the shoulders. For some bras, the straps are not adjustable, so there are no metal details on the straps, which release a serious problem.

The contour of the bra is seamless and sometimes it has even no underwire, which is another pro about the bra. No pinching or poking in your body.

That is how the back smoothing bra does its work. Now, let’s talk about the options...

7 Best Back Smoothing Bras

1. Bra-lellujah by SPANX

It really is like hallelujah for breasts!

The bra does its job by hiding the back fat. It includes front closure – so the back is entirely smooth and nothing pinches or hurts in the back. Although, according to consumer reports, some say that it slightly pinches in the front.

Another exciting detail about the Spanx bra is that it has no underwire so you can breathe on. But do not think that it is a loose bra – it is not. The bra still is tight.

Straps are not adjustable and, again, it means that nothing pokes your back or shoulders. While the non-poking is great, be aware that straps might be too long or too short for you. Then again – you can order it, try it on and send it back if it does not feel right.

2. Hanes Comfort Evolution

Hanes Comfort Evolution bra really comforts your breasts all day. It is entirely seamless, like a sports bra and supports without the underwire. It is great for hot weather – no disgust about sweating and in the meantime, the bra hides the back fat. Isn’t that perfect?

Features of the Hanes bra (that feels like you would not even have a bra on):

  1. No padded cups, no uplift. Although, it has an outline just to give your breasts shape.
  2. It is flexible by adjusting to your body. Great for doing any kind of work.
  3. Totally back smoothing. Looks nice and smooth under a tight shirt – nothing to worry about.

Other pros: inexpensive and quick drying.

Most of the customers are extremely satisfied with Hanes. Those that are not, indicate some size problems with the bra. Many women recommend to order a smaller size because it stretches.

3. Bali Comfort Revolution

The BALI Comfort Revolution bra in a way is an alternative of the Spanx bra. The bra has front closure and wide straps. It is soft to make you feel comfortable and confident with a smooth back.

The biggest difference between this one and Spanx are the adjustable straps. Which  are great if you are worried that the non-adjustable straps might be too long or too short. On the other hand, some women prefer non-adjustable straps for comfort.

And let’s be honest – this is a beautiful piece and it makes you look attractive with a bit of a padding.

4. Wacoal Basic Beauty Contour T-Shirt Bra

Looking for a full coverage? Wacoal Beauty Contour is the answer.

This one includes supportive and breathable cups to support you all day long. The bra is convenient for hard physical work by not giving any strain to your back. Despite the fact that the straps are regular (not so wide), the bra does not tire neither your neck, nor the back. Of course, that is because of the wide back wings and soft material.

The bra is also called a T-shirt bra, which means that it looks good under a tight and light T-shirt by smoothing the back fat and covering breasts. Also, the light padding makes sure nothing appears through the shirt/bra.

5. Playtex 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Full Coverage Bra

The Playtex bra supplies no squeezing and support for 18 hours or even more. Although it has no underwire, it is still supportive – just how a smoothing back bra should be. It is shoulder friendly because of the cushioned straps.

One of the healthiest bras since it has been promoted to women with breast cancer.

Many women with large breasts find the Playtex bra very suitable for them. It is a fact that elderly ladies choose exactly this one – it is all about the comfort. Unfortunately, for both large breasted women and aged women back fat might be an issue. However, the bra takes care of it and hides the back bulge.

Most women emphasize that the indicated size fits perfectly.

This bra does not include any padding, which might be important for some. Sure, it is not one of the fancy-looking. At the same time, think about the comfort your breasts will experience. Moreover, it looks kind of old-school. However, it depends on the taste.

6. Warners’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra

If you are looking for something comfy but also cute, this is it! This one comes with many extras and as you can see by the name – no side effects, which is not a lie.

It is seamless and has wire free contour. It is soft and has wide back wings. That is what a back smoothing bra is, as we know by now.

Now, let’s get down to what makes this bra different.

  1. Extra side coverage – eliminates underarm bulge or mostly known as the side boob. This is something similar to the back fat. Imagine having a bra, which hides both the back fat and the side boob. Warner’s No Side Effects is the answer!
  2. Unlike the previous bras, this one is suitable for machine wash. Finally no hand wash!
  3. Warner’s No Side Effects comes in many colours, and even has a polka dot model.
  4. It is lightly padded – which is what small-breasted women sometimes look for. On the other hand, the padding ensures that nipples do not show. The perfect padding – not too much.

7. DELIMIRA Smooth Underwire Convertible

Off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses are a thing. There are two ways to wear them: braless or strapless. However, braless is not the best option always, so we need to think about the strapless option. And strapless can be a nightmare with its not keeping in the place and slipping down or leaving scars and hurting you.

Here is an option for a strapless bra that really works. It functions just how it should by staying in the right place and smoothing both the back and the front. Comfortable and breathable fabric, no padding. Of course, the straps are included, so you can use it as a regular bra.

This was an insight into the world of back smoothing bras. By now you should have a vision about what it brings.

Although, only 7 bras were described, each one has its uniqueness. There is a choice between adjustable straps and non-adjustable ones, front and eye closure, no padding and padding. Even a strapless option is included. Decision is yours now. Just remember the greatest about all of the back smoothing bras – 100% comfort and a guarantee that they will make your back smooth.

Make your life easy and smooth!